Ice and Fire

Chapter 34 Let Me Take You Away (Part One)

Jackson walked straight to the hotel, dragging Cherry along. Asking for the room key from the waiter, he pulled her into the hotel room.

"Jackson, what are you doing? Let me go." Cherry struggled to set herself free and kept shouting.

Jackson kicked the door shut, lifted up Cherry and entered the bedroom. He threw Cherry on the big bed and got on top of her.

They were so close, but Cherry still kept on resisting, "Jackson, release me, you bully, what are you going to do?"

"What do you think I'm going to do?" Jackson said, grabbing Cherry by her waist. It had been so long since the last time he touched her. How he wished he could now devour her completely.

"Stop it, this is a hotel, " Cherry screamed.

"What's wrong with the hotel? Didn't your first time happen in a hotel?" Jackson said.

Cherry instantly froze. She did not fight against Jackson anymore. She lay underneath him quietly, staring at him with dazed eyes.

Jackson was scared by her behavior. What was the matter with her?

Cherry began to gaze at Jackson, with dread in her eyes. That first time was her personal nightmare. How did he know about it? Had he sent people to investigate her? Then he must know who that man was.

without concealing her surprise. Anyway, since there was no affection between Jackson and her, who cared about the first

Cherry was not aware that the man who had deflowered her was none other than Jackson. Recalling that he had forced himself on her

said a word, Cherry pushed him away and

stood up and Jackson did the

slowly, "Did you

into Cherry's eyes, unsure about what to tell

her composure. She was even ready to kill the man who had robbed her of her most precious thing.

bit agitated,

at him with her whole body trembling. She couldn't help being scared whenever

promiscuous. So you don't want to love me, right?" Cherry looked at him earnestly.

occurred to Jackson that Cherry would come up with such a question. Shaking his head, Jackson said, "No,

paces. Then she said, hopelessly, "I'm such a fool. You know all these things about me. You know that I have been abused in the Shen house since I was small, as well

the past events. Her heart was filled with anguish. Not until now had she understood

what he had done to her that made him want to marry her, want to love her and want to take care of

down and Jackson's expression

Cherry, petted her hair, and said lovingly,

had reserved his incomparable

eyes, Cherry said, "Can

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