Ice and Fire

Chapter 35 Let Me Take You Away (Part Two)

"Cherry, do you think you can escape from my control?" Jackson asked.

"What you think? I believe the answer in your heart is more accurate than mine, isn't it?" Cherry said in reply.

Cherry continued to speak, peacefully, "I have never thought about running away. What I want is just to find my freedom. Jackson, isn't it good for us to have our own lives?"

Before Jackson could answer, the door of the hotel room was pushed open. Jackson realized that he had not locked the door.

Sally stood beside the door, and saw Jackson and Cherry staring at each other. The expression on their faces revealed what they were talking about.

"Jackson, " Sally whispered and walked towards Jackson.

Snuggling up to Jackson, Sally tried to narrow the gap between Jackson and her.

This scene was highly offensive to Cherry's eyes. After all, her husband was hugging another woman right in front of her.

Looking at Cherry's expression, Jackson wanted to push Sally away. However, he felt Sally pulling him in so tightly, that he couldn't move at all.

Sally turned her attention to Cherry, "Cherry, so you are Jackson's wife in name, right? Don't you know I am the one Jackson actually loves?"

Cherry just stood there, keeping her body still.

head, Jackson looked down at Sally in

afraid that he would say something that could hurt Sally, making her do

took a deep breath, struggled to put back a smile on her face, and said to Sally, "I know. Your darling always call out your name when he is dreaming at night. How could I not know that

Jackson was again surprised. Staring at Cherry, he could not say a word. There appeared to be something stuck in

Do you want me to say it again? You sleep with one woman, but call the other woman's name." Cherry looked at Jackson, and her heart already felt

with was her. As for Sally, she knew better than anyone

took two quick strides forward. Standing in front of Cherry, Sally unexpectedly slapped her

The room echoed with the cracking sound of

felt sudden pain on her face. Sally had slapped her before she could

Sally would do that. He stepped forward, pulled Sally away and looked at her. He screamed angrily,

anger, Sally continued, "What? Do you feel her suffering? We could have gotten

rolling down her face, while her gaze remained on Jackson.

His heart softened again. Holding Jackson's waist, Sally buried her head into his chest and said bitterly, "She is a bad person,

did not say

one's heart. At this key

by slowly. Standing near the door, Stephen looked at these three people with anger in his heart. But when he turned his gaze to Cherry, he showed his incomparable

broke the

stepped up to Cherry, holding her in his arms to comfort her. Cherry did not resist.

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