Ice and Fire

Chapter 36 An Unexpected Guest (Part One)

While in the vehicle, Stephen asked, "Cherry, would you like to live in my suburban?villa for a few days? I live in the urban house."

"No, that's okay. Just drive me back home." Cherry replied.

"But Jackson has treated you like that, why would you still want to go back to that house?" Stephen was a bit confused. Why would Cherry still want to go back home in spite of what Jackson had done to her?

Cherry kept silent and gazed at the scenery outside the window. She felt so tired.

Maybe she shouldn't have married Jackson to begin with. Perhaps she should have forgiven John. Then things would not have come to this. But since all that was water under the bridge, she should now focus on what was coming.

Cherry told herself, "Just keep going forward."

Dropping Cherry at her?home, Stephen looked at her and was worried about her.

"Cherry, are you really okay?" Stephen couldn't help asking.

Cherry nodded, "It's all right. I will call you if there is any issue."

All Stephen could do was nod in agreement.

Cherry had hardly settled in when Jackson came back.

As soon as Jackson entered the house, he saw Cherry sitting on the sofa, which made him feel content. He was always worried when Cherry was not at home.

Jackson walked up to her and sat down, glanced at the watch on his wrist, and asked, "Why haven't you gone to sleep yet?"

Cherry turned her head towards Jackson.

about what?"

about divorce, " Cherry said, with no expression on her

what I told you before?

"is there anything you are not able to do? You can end

you so anxious to leave me?"

leave you now, "

and looked at her, mercilessly, "Are you so impatient to

"Yes, at least his embrace is warmer

Shen!" Jackson roared.

into Jackson's eyes without fear.

you can only be mine all your life. You belong only

not yours,

Cherry on the sofa ferociously, Jackson nearly wanted to strangle her. "If you dare go to Stephen, I will

Jackson's hand wringing her neck, it gradually became more

stiff expression, Jackson suddenly

coughing. It

snapped, "Stay at home and never think about going out. Otherwise, I'll

like a military order, Cherry was left with no room for disobedience.

only use tears to

still afraid that Sally He would not accept his views and her spirit would collapse

rang. Pulling it out, Jackson saw

" Jackson

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