Ice and Fire

Chapter 37 An Unexpected Guest (Part Two)

Jackson did not say a word. He loosened her hands from his waist, turned away and departed from the house.

Seeing Jackson go, Sally He thought of Cherry and, immediately, a murderous expression appeared in her eyes. She said to herself, 'Cherry, I cannot share this man with you. Jackson belongs to me."

Two days later, Sally He was expecting Jackson to arrive home early in the morning, but even by noon, there was no sign of him. It occurred to her that she could take this opportunity to meet Cherry.

Arriving at Jackson's home and seeing the high-grade apartment, Sally He was so dissatisfied that she believed she should be the one living in this place, not Cherry.

Sally He rang the bell on the door, and waited for Cherry to open the door for her.

Hearing the bell, Cherry was curious. Who would come to her home at this hour? Had Jackson come back?

Cherry walked there and opened the door, being completely surprised by the sight of Sally He standing there.

"Why have you come here?" Cherry asked.

"Why? Why can't I come here?" Sally He retorted, "It's not only your home, but also Jackson's."

Sally He's eyes, she felt that Sally

answer Cherry's question. Pushing her aside, Sally

the room. Every furniture, every thing here was so sumptuous. Everything was so neat and

to do, Cherry just followed her around waiting to see what she

He did not realize that she has been secretly photographed

you planning to do?" Cherry couldn't

has given you. I'll ask for a better one in the future.' Sally He said to herself, without looking at Cherry.

her finger pointed at the door,

my level to ask me to leave." Sally He looked at Cherry sternly, as the anger in her

was too angry to

Could it even be regarded as a great fortune that you had the chance to live here?" Sally

praise. I lead a normal person's life wherever I

what kind of a life I have lived, I am the woman Jackson loves the most. But you, you

seems that most people in the city don't know you at all, " Cherry said, but she felt nervous in her heart, as she did not know what had actually happened to Sally He that fateful year. She had only heard that it

Sally He stared at Cherry, speechless with fury.

you have an abnormal relationship with Jackson, there is no need for me to receive you. Help yourself if you want to have some

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