Ice and Fire

Chapter 38 Fortuitous Injury

On the second floor, Sally He checked one room after another.

Cherry had no idea what Sally He was looking for. Following her, she asked, "Sally He, what are you doing?"

Ignoring her question, Sally continued her search.

As she pushed open the door of Jackson Chu and Cherry Shen's bedroom, Sally He was stunned. As she stood by the door, she felt sick seeing Jackson's and Cherry's pajamas over the hanger, as well as the luxurious decoration.

Finally, Sally's gaze fixed on the wedding picture in front of the bed. In the picture, both Jackson and Cherry looked happy and perfectly-matching.

Sally He was in an agonizing rage. She walked toward the bed and angrily pulled the wedding picture off the wall.

"I hate you two looking happy, " said Sally. Then she threw the picture down onto the floor.

The frame's glass shattered.

Cherry was agitated when she saw her wedding picture's glass front being shattered. She pushed Sally He aside and shouted at her, "Sally He, I warn you. Don't touch our wedding picture, ever."

"No, no, " Sally He had completely gone insane. In spite of Cherry's protest, she looked around, searching for other pictures.

When she saw wedding pictures on the table, as well as hanging on the wall, Sally rushed to them, pulled them off the wall and tossed them on the floor.

Seeing what Sally He was doing, Cherry tried to stop her. "Sally, stop. Don't touch my pictures, " she said, angrily.

Cherry's heart ached. Although she had promised herself that she would suppress her affection toward Jackson, after seeing the shattered picture frames on the floor, she couldn't help rushing forward to try and stop the damage.

"Why are you stopping me? Cherry, who the hell are you? I should be the one with Jackson, not you." With these words, Sally He was about to smash the last wedding picture on the table.

Cherry blocked Sally He's way. She grabbed both her arms and tried to stop this insane act.

"Sally, get out of here right now! How dare you run amok in my house?" said Cherry, in extreme rage.

"Cherry, I'm going to kill you." Sally He's rage was getting out of control.

They started to exchange blows.

Jackson Chu came back home. He heard the strange sound coming from upstairs and immediately knew that something was wrong. He rushed upstairs.

bedroom as well as the two women going crazy


pulled Sally He aside and stood in

gave Jackson a slap on his chest, which was meant for Cherry. Seeing that Jackson was standing in front of Cherry, Sally He snapped, "Why are you defending her? What the

she's my wife, " Jackson said, with authority and

down both Sally

Jackson in a daze, unable to

He shook her head, refusing

Sally He was in rage and despair. He did not want to infuriate her further. So he said, in

is your home, " said Sally

momentarily lost

beside him. She pointed her finger at Sally

inevitably irritated Sally, who

" Sally He shouted, as fiercely as a cornered beast. Then, she jumped

Sally He and Cherry Shen were again

both of you, " said Jackson in despair. He tried to stop them, but failed. He was worried that Sally He might get hurt. Meanwhile, he was also afraid of Cherry being

stop right now!" Jackson repeated. Then he pulled Sally aside.

when she saw Jackson ignoring her and trying to defend Cherry instead. Why was

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and ran towards Cherry, while shouting, "I just can't

was flabbergasted. What was she doing right now? he

stunned when she saw Sally rush towards her. She stood there,

about three steps away from them, Jackson suddenly

the sudden appearance of


embrace, suddenly felt the twitch

on his face. She

no!" she screamed, in

looked at him. Jackson was

couldn't be controlled any longer. She tenderly stroked his face and shook her

He was scared and had to sit down. Looking at the blood oozing from Jackson's wound, she was in a state of panic and

that Cherry was worrying about him. Her tears and worries meant

great efforts and forced a smile.

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