Ice and Fire

Chapter 39 The Crime Of Destroying A Military Marriage

Andrew gazed at the three of them but said nothing. He knew his grandson's intention. After all, he had a vivid memory of things that had happened years ago.

Seeing this situation, Jean could not hold herself back and asked, "Jackson, why don't you introduce this girl to us? You must know her, right?"

Everyone looked at Jackson and wondered how he would introduce Sally He.

Sally He noticed Jackson's embarrassment, so she hastily introduced herself, "Hello, I'm Sally He. I've heard that John got married, so you must be his wife. Am I right? You're so beautiful!"

But Sally He's compliment did not distract Jean. She still looked at Jackson and Cherry and then she turned to Cherry.

"Cherry, are you sad for this woman? Or for your husband's wound?" Jean asked, aggressively.

Before Cherry could answer her question, Jackson coldly said, "Jean, heed your status. She is my wife!"

His words silenced Jean. Jean was angry and she wanted to retort back, but she dared not offend him when she looked at Jackson's cold face. Jackson was dangerous even when he was wounded.

Lucia felt that the atmosphere was a bit tense, so she hurriedly said, "Jackson, just take care of yourself in the hospital. If you need anything, let me know."

"Even though I need something, I don't need you to satisfy my needs." Jackson replied, coldly.

John was a bit angry, so he said, "Uncle Jackson, how dare you speak to my mom like this! After all, she is your sister."

"John Ye, who are you to lecture me?" Jackson was impolite with everyone.

John said nothing.

Cherry saw that Jackson had donned a long face and was cruel to everyone.

"If he doesn't have the right to lecture you, do I?" Cherry said, stood up and released Jackson's hand. Then she took a few steps back to distance herself from Jackson.

Jackson looked at Cherry, astonished. He hadn't expected her to react this way.

Cherry pointed at Sally He and then looked at Jackson, saying, "If it hadn't been for her, would you be wounded? Would we have become like this?"

Hearing Cherry's words, those around realized that the reason why Cherry was mad at Jackson was actually because Sally He had come back.

Jean intended to exacerbate their contradiction, so she asked, "That's it! No wonder Cherry has been crying so sadly. It is because she has been wronged and nobody knows."

"Jean, this is not time for you to thrust your nose in my business!" Cherry was angry, too. How dare Jean say that in such a situation?

"Cherry!" Jean said, angrily, "Who the hell are you to lecture me?" Don't blame others for your own poor fate! You are a bitch! Just like your shameless mom! Both of you deserve to be abandoned. Both of you are the fifth wheel, no matter where you are!"

the way she used to at their home in the old days. She did not notice that Andrew's and

to die?"

everyone else shivered. Even Sally He, standing in the corner, was

looked at Jean and said, "Is this your idea of being the wife of

not look at Jackson. She immediately

He did not

words made

noticed Andrew's dark face and she knew that it was certainly because of Jean's words. So she quickly said,

said Andrew.

Lucia hastily replied and she glared at Jean.

her, "What do you want to do

for Jackson. However, she had no idea that Jackson was married. If she revealed that she had come back for Jackson, then she would be convicted of the crime of destroying a military marriage. And she knew best the consequences of this crime. She had

tell Andrew of her decision to divorce Jackson, right in front of all these people. Since Jackson hadn't allowed her to divorce him, she wanted to let Andrew know of her decision so that he might support her.

Sally He remained

married and you've seen his wife Cherry. So do you know what

Cherry as

He nodded and

took a deep breath, looked at Jackson lying in bed and said, "I've asked

" Jackson replied

Andrew gestured to her,

Cherry and said, sincerely, "Cherry, you should

chance to refuse. Even though Andrew had said this lightly, she had to obey

his decision, Andrew was relived and

anything in front of Jackson. She knew that Jackson did

"Andrew has left. So

uncertain whether she was talking to Cherry or Sally

asked, with concern, "Cherr, are you hurt?


and Jean

two flirt with

don't you know my feeling for you? And don't you know my love for Cherr?" John did not want to

clear. Cherry is your aunt and I'm your wife, " Jean tried hard to stay calm because she

to divorce you,

was too angry to say anything.

"John, what are you talking about? Jean is such a good

know how to explain it to her.

you still like her? I've tried my best to earn your love. Why can't

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