Ice and Fire

Chapter 42 Questioning

When Jackson learned that Cherry was at Emily's home, he rushed there with Derek.

Emily heard a knock on her door, she went to the door and opened it. The next moment, she was surprised to see the two men standing outside.

"Jackson Chu, why are you here?" asked Emily.

"You should know what I'm here for, " said Jackson, coldly.

Of course she knew. She looked at Jackson and said, "Cherry's still sleeping on the sofa. Don't disturb her."

With these words, Emily walked into the room, beckoning Jackson and Derek to come in, too.

As soon as Derek and Jackson entered Emily's house, they saw Cherry curled up on the sofa.

Emily whispered, "I don't know what happened between you two. Cherry refused to talk about it. But I hope you won't hurt her. She has lived a really hard life since she was a child."

Jackson listened to Emily's words without defending himself. He looked at Cherry, who was asleep, and felt distressed.

Standing next to Jackson, Derek looked at Cherry but did not say anything either. He could not comment on Jackson's private affairs.

Emily looked at her watch and was nervous. She said to Jackson, "I must go now, otherwise I'll be late for work. Please take good care of Cherry. There's food in the refrigerator. Bring her some when she wakes up."

Jackson nodded, without saying anything.

Derek thought that Jackson was going to stay here for a while, so he said to Emily, "Let me drive you to work."

Emily had not expected Derek would say this. She asked, shyly, "Is it convenient for you?"

"It's okay. I guess that Jackson is not leaving now. And I have nothing else to do, " said Derek. Derek was trying to give Jackson and Cherry more privacy to get along with each other. Seeing that they were both suffering, as Jackson's good friend, he too felt miserable.

Emily nodded when she saw that Jackson was not against the plan.

After Derek and Emily were gone, Jackson slowly approached Cherry. He sat on the sofa and looked at his woman, who was sleeping. He felt a touch of sadness flow through his heart.

a lot of weight and it must be because she hadn't slept well

to take good care of her and protect her, but he

stroke her cheeks and the feeling was familiar. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Jackson's handsome face. She was surprised

around. It was Emily's house. She wondered why Jackson

you, " said Jackson, softly. He

for me?" asked Cherry. She sat up from the sofa and glared at him. She was still very angry when she recalled

Cherry's hand and said, "Sweetie, don't

Cherry feel a bit flattered, but her mind

looking at him. "You don't have to behave like this. If you want to

made Jackson feel helpless. He was already

and we can

is still my home?" asked Cherry. Remembering those sleepless nights, Cherry felt

you want to do?" Jackson

don't care about your affairs and you should not care about mine, " said Cherry. She was completely disappointed with Jackson. After all the things that had

his best to restrain himself from getting angry at her.

promise that I'll always be with you from now on, " said Jackson. He had already asked Derek to look for a housemaid for Sally He. And he would take good care of Cherry,

Jackson's eyes, Cherry began to believe in him

go home now?" asked Jackson, stroking her hair tenderly.

nodded and

already been cleaned up and the wedding photo in the bedroom was hanging in

in the bedroom, Jackson walked over, hugged her from behind and said, "Honey, this is our home and

How could

turned her head, looked lovingly at

cared about him. "I'm a soldier. Such wounds matter little to me, " said

Cherry fell silent.

in bed. He seemed to own the whole

Jackson said.

Cherry. She liked the way

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