Ice and Fire

Chapter 51 Do You Still Love Her

In the morning, Cherry was woken up with a start by the ringing of her mobile phone.

Cherry picked up her phone sleepily and answered without identifying the caller.

"Hello, " said Cherry.

Hearing her listless voice on the phone, Jackson did not want to disturb her from her sleep. He simply said, "Babe."

Cherry opened her eyes immediately and her sleepiness disappeared completely.

"Yes?" Cherry answered.

"Haven't you gotten up yet?" asked Jackson.

"No, I haven't. I'm still in bed, " said Cherry. Then she asked, "What's up? Why are you calling?"

"I'm coming to your house to pick you up. Then we'll drive to the military residential compound and see my grandpa, " said Jackson, quietly.

When she heard him mention the military residential compound, Cherry immediately asked, "Is Grandpa fine?"

"No idea. He just called and asked us to come back, " Jackson answered.

Cherry knew that grandpa's order couldn't be disobeyed, so she said nothing else. Then she told Jackson, "I'm getting up."

"Ok, I'm coming for you. Wait for a while, " Jackson answered.

"All right."

Jackson reached Cherry's house and picked her up. Then they drove to the military residential compound together.

When they entered the yard, they saw John's car parked there. They exchanged astonished looks, but said nothing. Both of them saw that John had arrived already. Perhaps he was not alone.

Jackson took Cherry's hand and walked into the Chu residence together.

that all the members of the Ye family were there. Grandpa was sitting on the couch,

saw Jackson and Cherry and hastily greeted them with

and his granddaughter-in-law. They were

grandpa. Jackson looked at Andrew

showed him respect, "Grandpa,

and said nothing.

around and shot a curious glance at John and

he turned to Lucia

sister's character so well that he knew she wouldn't have come home to

then at Jean. She found Jean teary-eyed. Obviously, Jean had been crying a moment ago. Had something happened to her? Cherry wondered. Or had

stared at Cherry aggressively, then said to Jackson,

this time. John had already taken the position of the governor. What serious matter would force him to bother the Chu family

and found his gaze fixed on Cherry. It

in his

aback. John had to look away from Cherry.

Jackson's hand firmly since she knew that whatever happened, Jackson would be there to protect her.

Jackson's angry face and immediately knew where

known it for a long time that although grandpa seemed

in a low voice, "Uncle, you must help me this time.

both Jackson and Cherry. John's fault? What on earth had John

Jean coldly, "What

affair, " Jean

John was the governor of

Jackson and kept

by John's extramarital affair. She could sense John's glances, but she chose

out of control. Afraid that Jackson might get angry and his son's career might be ruined, she hastily stopped Jean from revealing more information, "Stop, say no more.

effect and encouraged Jean to reveal more. She looked at Lucia and said, "Mom, if you know John has embarrassed our family, you shouldn't stop me. John has married me, how could he screw other women? If his affair is made public, he

Lucia said angrily. She

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