Ice and Fire

Chapter 52 Get Close To Him

John didn't say a word, and he couldn't lay his eyes off of Cherry.

Jackson gave Jean an angry stare, and said, "Jean Shen, behave yourself! She's your aunt!"

Jean was too scared to speak when she saw Jackson's cold eyes, and realized that he was enraged, and that she couldn't provoke him any more.

Everyone stood by without uttering a single word. Lucia, Edwin, Andrew, the butler, all of them knew, but didn't say a word.

Silence reigned for a long time in the living room, but then Cherry suddenly broke it.

She turned to Jean, and in a plain voice, said, "Sister, don't you think that this is retribution for your sins?"

When they heard her, everyone looked at Jean. She was a bit embarrassed, and couldn't speak at first, but she eventually said, "Cherr…Cherry Shen, don't say such nonsense!"

"Isn't it retribution?" asked Cherry. She continued, "You robbed John from me, and now someone robbed John from you. If this isn't retribution, then what is?"

Jean began to be emotional, and cried, "How could she seduce John? She knew that I was John's wife, but she still did it nonetheless! That woman is a bitch! "

"You also knew that John was my boyfriend at that time, why did you lure him?" Although Cherry, as Jackson's wife, didn't want to mention of the past, she just couldn't when she looked at Jean.

Jean lost for words and paused for a moment, but then she replied, "Cherry Shen, even if I hadn't lured him, and you and John had been together for years, he still probably might not have loved you."

Cherry then immediately asked, "Does he love you?"

Jean didn't know how to retort, because John had said that he didn't love Jean at all.

Int he end, Jean kept her silence.

Cherry didn't think for a moment that she had won the battle. She also had dignity in front of Chu and Ye households, and as a person, Cherry wanted to protect herself even if no one protected her.

keep in mind that I am your aunt, and I can clearly tell you that John Ye and I have broken up a long time ago. I now

to reply, and instead

and he was delighted by her words and attitude. As long as Cherry loved him, he was happy. As for John, he was a thing of the past, and Jackson was certain that nothing

hadn't treated John very well, he still cared for him. After all, John had called Jackson "uncle" for years, and how was he supposed to leave him in his time of

about this?"

she heard his question, Lucia instantly knew that he wanted to help her son. She immediately answered

a word, but silence couldn't prove

have their mouth shut, "

Jackson wanted to help John, because the kinship between

delighted because they hadn't come in vain; as long as the Chu clan took

low voice, John said, "Thank you, uncle Jackson, " but then he couldn't help but look at Cherry.

dare to say anything. If she did, Jackson might have thrown

said to the butler, "Has the housemaid prepared lunch yet? Jackson and Cherry are

there was no one left to hinder her son's

wanted to help, and she said, "Grandpa, I'll go and help the housemaid prepare the

looked at each other without saying a thing, but when they

his voice, said, "Grandpa, we'll go and rest in our bedroom

nodded, because he would submit to every word that his dear

then went to Jackson's bedroom,

in the yard, while Jean and John were left alone in the parlor.

I didn't expect that Jackson would still want

at Jean, and with resentment lingering in his voice, he said, "Jean, you

spoke his words just like a judge would, as if he

didn't utter a single word in reply to him.

wish, you are now a governor's wife. Don't

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