Ice and Fire

Chapter 57 Don't Ever Come Back If You Dare Go Out

As time went by, Cherry stayed in the big house all alone, since Jackson had gone back to the barracks. She missed Jackson very much, and she missed the days when he was with her.

At the Ye family Early in the morning, Jean sat on the sofa in a sulky silence. It seemed as if the whole world had owed her money, but that no one was willing to pay her back.

Edwin had already gone out, and there were only Jean and Lucia at home. Lucia was upstairs, and when she came down, she saw that Jean was sitting in the living room. She didn't clearly see her expression, and instead she greeted her cheerfully, and said, "Jean, why did you get up so early this morning?"

For a while, Lucia didn't hear Jean's answer, and wondered what was wrong with her. She sat opposite to her after she walked to the the living room, and when she looked at her, she realized that Jean was unhappy.

"What's wrong? Why are you so morose?" asked Lucia. She had no idea what was going on.

"Are you kidding me? Don't you know that your son didn't come home last night?" cried Jean. Lucia noticed that Jean's attitude had all of a sudden changed dramatically.

She was shocked, because Jean had never talked to her like this before. Jean's attitude towards her had changed little by little since she had found out that John had an affair, and now it seemed that she even dared to yell at her.

Lucia was very angry with Jean. How dare she have the nerve to yell at her? She was a member of the Chu Clan!

Lucia suddenly became harsh, and said, "Jean, watch your words! How dare you yell at me?"

"Ha, " suddenly chuckled Jean, "And why can't I yell at you? Do you really think that I see you as my mother? I'm like this because of your son! How do you expect me to show you respect?"

"You, you…" Lucia was too angry to even say a complete sentence. She had never expected that Jean would ever fall out with her.

You wanted me to marry into the Ye family just because of the Shen Group's assets, didn't you? Cherry was detested by the Shen clan, and that was the very reason why you didn't want her to be with John. I've known all your

actually was. Jean had always been acting in her presence, and it seemed that she was

did you marry into our family

win the Shen Group, and I wanted to be the first lady in the state, " said Jean. When she thought of Cherry, a touch of hatred sparked in her eyes. She continued, "I didn't want Cherry to be happy. Why does she always fall in love with rich men? Why are they so good to her all the

realized that she wasn't the only one with a goal

Jean's true colors, but this didn't upset her a bit. In any case, she was a

don't care why you married into our family, but now that you've married John, you should take care of

nothing. Lucia came from the Chu family, if she ever complained to Andrew

One day they will all pay for what they've

door opened, and Jean turned

immediately stood up and walked up

of him. She couldn't help but cry out, "John, where the hell

ignored her completely, and instead continued to go

saw that he wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to her, Jean grabbed his

answer my question!" said Jean.

who was completely hysterical, John didn't want

in the morning. Okay?" said

an unbelievable look on her face, continued, "Do you think I'm annoying? Answer my question, now! Where were you last night? Why

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