Ice and Fire

Chapter 58 Meeting At The Door

After he left home, John had no idea about where he should go next. He thought for a while, and then decided that he should go to the bar, because Jean would never come after him there.

Inside the bar, Emily was on the early shift, and had just started work. She was surprised at first when she saw him, and she knew that he had broken up with Cherry, but when she thought more about it, she decided to treat him as any other person that she had already met before.

When he saw Emily, John walked towards her.

John stood in front of the bar, and stared at her.

Emily got a bit strained with his gaze fixed on her, and asked, "What are you doing here at this hour? If you want to have fun, come at night, there's nothing happening now."

John slightly began to speak, and said, "Arrange a quiet VIP room for me; I want to sleep."

Emily was astonished by what he said, and replied, "If you want to sleep, you can go home. Why did you come here?"

John then turned his head away from her, and said, "I don't want to see Jean's horrible face."

face with the word "horrible".

ask too much because she saw the lingering fatigue

one of her colleagues that was standing beside her

came out of it, he noticed that the bar had gotten very

random seat in a corner, summoned a waiter, and ordered some bottles of wine.

he was tasting the wine, John looked at the people in

Cherry. He remembered of their first encounter at the university, and of his complete sacrifice to chase her and make her happy. The period that he had been together with

them, his heart would ache with pain. Cherry should have belonged to him, not to his uncle, and he wondered

each other before? He had even sacrificed anything for her and she had also said that she would stay by his side forever, but how was it even possible that

he could do was to poison himself with plenty of alcohol. Glasses of strong drinks went into his

about him so soon, and that she might still love him in her heart and cherish the happy memories that they had together.

it, Cherry must still

her answer was yes, he would be together with her, despite his position

his seat, and intended to get

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