Ice and Fire

Chapter 60 Running Away From Home

A long while after, John still didn't say a word. Jackson was irritated. He furiously shook him off, and said, "Get out, and if you ever dare to set foot in here again, I will make you disappear permanently from the face of the Earth."

John was thrown several feet away by Jackson. Aware of the fact that he had been injured, John knew that if he kept on disobeying Jackson, the one who would suffer was to be him. And inside the house, Cherry was so scared. She cuddled into a corner of the sofa. Seeing her suffer made John regretted what he had done.

When he thought about it, John decided to leave because, after all, this was their house, and Jackson's temper had reached its limit, and could have erupted at any time. But still, he would never give up on Cherry.

John then slowly stood up on his feet and straightened his clothes. He glanced at Cherry, and then turned his gaze onto Jackson's angry face, and

Without saying a word, John turned around, and went away.

Seeing John walk away, Jackson was less angry than he was when he was still there. He looked at Cherry, who was sitting on the sofa, and his heart filled with anger again. How could she have let John come into their home like that? Did she want to be reconciled with him?

Jackson wanted to be mad at Cherry, but couldn't find his words. All of his rage collected in his heart, and didn't dissipate for one moment.

Jackson walked to the stairs beside the sofa, and then sat on one of its steps.

she looked up, she found that the living room was in a complete

Jackson. What she wanted was just his comfort and protection, and because she was still frightened by what had just happened, she still felt somewhat intimidated.

to Jackson, called his name,

her hands off him. "Don't touch me, " he said.


him what was wrong, but she still couldn't speak yet.

turned his attention to her, and seriously asked, "Do you really miss him that much? Were you so eager to

idea about what Jackson was talking about, and instead she kept shaking her

you really so anxious to be with another man? I really didn't

words were merciless, and deeply hurt

burst into

then turned around and ran out

along with the expression in her eyes, also made his heart ache, but when he remembered John,

a mess. He wondered, 'Did I hurt her? Does

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