Ice and Fire

Chapter 62 Looking For Her

Both of them couldn't care less about Jean. John looked at Jackson, and because he was awake, he could now explain exactly what had happened yesterday.

"I was drunk yesterday, and I went to your house to see Cherr, " said John. He found that there was something wrong in his statement. Afraid that Jackson would beat him again, John quickly corrected himself, "...see Cherry, and then I wanted to play with her, drunk. That was what you saw when you arrived at home."

Jackson now believed that his guess was indeed correct, and that Cherry would have never betrayed him. Even if she had been in love with John before, she was now his wife, and there was no likelihood for her to ever betray him.

When he saw that Jackson thought for a while, an idea occurred to John's mind. He quickly asked, "Uncle, has something happened to Cherry?"

Jackson then furiously turned his gaze towards him, and said, "John, it's all your fault! She's gone missing!"

"Missing? Didn't she come back home last night?" asked John, astonished and worried sick about her in his heart. Where could she have gone?

"If she had come home last night, would I still have come here at this hour?" replied Jackson. Now that he had figured out what had happened yesterday, the only thing that he now had to do was to find Cherry's whereabouts. He had to get her back to him under any cost, and never let her leave his side ever again.

Jackson cruelly released John from his grip and then turned away.

As he stared at Jackson's back, John stood paralyzed in bed, and white as a ghost.

Jean now knew what was happening; John had went to Jackson's home to look for Cherry, and had been caught by Jackson. That was the reason why John had been hit by Jackson.

Inside her heart, Jean's rage almost immediately rose. She walked closer to John, and then asked him, "John, so you went to see Cherry yesterday, right? No wonder you weren't at home, and didn't answer my phone calls."

saw Jean, and didn't have the intent to reply to her. As he got out of bed, John

he said this, John proceeded to leave

seized John's arm, and asked, "What are you going to do now? Are you going

turned around and looked at Jean, and said, "That's none of

could it not be my business?" she replied. Jean got even more distressed, and almost jumped in anger. As she grasped John's arm, she continued to say, "Cherry is Jackson's wife now and his responsibility! You can't go

grip. He furiously said, "Jean, get out of my face, now! It's not your place to judge

around, and left

Jean stood by the window and saw his car drive away, her heart

to herself, 'Cherry, I'll make you disappear! You won't be able to seduce anyone if

them. As long as she found Cherry first, she

if Cherry had come back to the military's residential compound, but the answer was no. He had also sent some of his men to the Shen family, but she wasn't there neither. Where could she have gone to?

decided to send all of his

"Send everyone to search for Cherry

resorted to this kind of measure ever before, but now he used it to find

replied using one single word,

and continued searching for Cherry.

in the shopping malls. He regretted his actions, and thought that if he had just resisted the impulse, and hadn't gone to his uncle's house

know where to start to find Cherry. She had also called the Shen family, but Cherry hadn't gone

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