Ice and Fire

Chapter 63 Unique Goal

Jackson felt that he couldn't wait any longer. He still couldn't find his wife, and an indescribable feeling started to overwhelm him. He felt that Cherry was so close to his heart, but yet so far.

Suddenly, Jackson's phone rang. He answered it, and said, "Speak!"

"Sir, I just found Mrs. Shen; she's in a flat, " said the soldier on the other side of the line.

"Location, " ordered Jackson.

Jackson was amazed when he heard the address. Didn't Emily live there? He had gone there before.

At that moment, Jackson thought that all this time he had been stupid. He had thought of everyone who Cherry would have gone to, but had forgotten all about her best friend, Emily, the only one that she could rely on anytime that she ever needed.

Jackson calmed down. As long as Cherry was at Emily's house, she was safe. Everything was fine.

He felt relieved, and decided to go there immediately.

Jackson started the car's engine and then drove to Emily's flat.

Meanwhile, Jean arrived at Emily's flat, and hatred sparkled in her eyes. She would let Cherry know what real jealousy felt like.

to the door and pressed her

startled when she heard the doorbell. Emily wasn't at home, and she wondered who it could

from the sofa and decided

saw Jean arrogantly

surprised by Jean's unexpected appearance. She had thought that someone would eventually find out where she was, but she had never

hiding here. This is unexpected, " said Jean. She believed that

hide all her emotion, and ask, "Jean, what

and walked inside the flat. She looked around, and asked, "Cherry Shen, it was good that you chose to hide here. No one can

my house, so please leave, " immediately replied Cherry. She clearly didn't want her sister

and said, "I

said this, she sat

want to leave, and she walked towards her, and

up, and walked towards her. She glared at Cherry, and said, "Why are you treating me like this? How have

you as I usually do. I'm telling you again, get out of here, this isn't my

Cherry, and said, "Who do you think you

name John reminded Cherry

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