Ice and Fire

Chapter 65 When Is The Funeral

Jean, who was trembling frantically, also came downstairs. As she stood at the foot of stairs and saw the horrible scene and all the other people, Jean couldn't help but cross her arms on her chest in dismay.

John shook his head. He couldn't believe what he saw, and asked, "How did this happen?"

Derek turned his head to look at John, who stood a few feet away from them, and Jackson didn't move, but instead fixed his eyes on Cherry. At that moment, he didn't care about anyone else around him, because the only person that Jackson really cared about was his wife, Cherry, his one and only concern in the world.

After a while, Jackson then slowly walked up to Cherry. He wanted to comfort her and give her a warm hug, and he wanted to tell her that he was there, and that he would always be there for her.

Jackson stood next to his wife and gently said, "Baby." Then he wanted to touch Cherry's arm with his hand.

But before Jackson could touch her, she shook off his hand.

Cherry then gave Jackson a heavy slap. If it hadn't been for Jackson, she wouldn't have come to Emily's house in the first place, and her friend would have still been alive.

Jackson felt his face burn. He definitely was in no mood to blame her. In the contrary, he gazed into Cherry's tear-filled eyes, and felt guilty. She was his wife, and she was crying in front of him, but there was nothing that he could do, and as he looked at the miserable woman in front of him, Jackson felt his heart ache, as if a sharp knife was stabbing it, over and over again.

When he saw that Jackson was slapped, Derek immediately got angry. No one had ever dared to hit Jackson before, and even if Cherry was Jackson's wife, she still had no right to hit him.

Derek went towards her, and snapped, "Cherry! Who the hell are you? Who are you to hit him?"

Derek's tone was more than terrible, and his irate face was as horrible as Jackson's cold face.

Jackson fixed his eyes on Cherry, and when he noticed that Derek was approaching Cherry, he stopped him, caught him by the shoulder, and growled, "Go away!"

As he looked at Jackson's reaction, Derek was even more furious, because Jackson was still protecting his wife after her disrespectful gesture.

"Jackson, look at you! How could ..." Derek started speaking, but before he could finish, he was quickly stopped by Jackson.

away!" shouted

that Jackson was also very angry, and he knew that if he insisted on hitting Cherry back, Jackson would then certainly

Cherry, and then retreated a

was dead, her corpse not

Emily, and then

in her arms. Cherry was distressed by the tragedy, and cried, "Emily, don't die! How can you have the heart to leave me alone?

people looked at Cherry, and didn't know

miserable his wife was, and his heart broke when he heard Cherry say that Emily had been the only

far away from him, he couldn't hold himself longer, and walked up to

John furiously asked, "Jean, what

a wall, in trembling voice, said, "Not me,

words, and for the first time since they had been together, he carefully looked into Jean's eyes, and coldly said, "Jean, I'm going to divorce you. From now on we're on our own separate ways,

Cherry and Jackson didn't react at all, and Derek just looked at John and Jean, and knew that John was very serious with his words. He had grown up with Jackson and John, and he knew John's temper

grim before, and his words flabbergasted her. Divorce? No, she couldn't accept this. What did divorce mean for her?

badger, and instead froze for a minute, crouched on the ground, and still thought of the tragedy that had just happened. She didn't react

for a long time and was tired, but Jackson didn't dare to approach her because he was afraid that Cherry would still be emotional and unstable because of

her last ounce of energy, Cherry held Emily's head in her hands and was ready to raise her up from the ground. She said, "Emily, let's

to stand up, but instead passed


quickly helped him, and took Emily

Jackson saw Cherry faint, his heart ached, and he held his wife even more

was in Derek's arms, and commanded, "You'll have to prepare her

was Cherry's best friend, who was killed by Cherry's sister. Derek knew exactly what he had to do

picked up his wife, turned around, and left. He ignored the other couple, or former couple, behind them, and Jackson

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