Ice and Fire

Chapter 67 Having Lunch Together

After he came back to the bedroom, Jackson lied on the bed again, and tightly held Cherry in his arms.

Cherry was almost fully awake, and after she saw Jackson's blurry face, Cherry asked, "With whom did you speak for so long?"

Jackson immediately replied and felt better. He couldn't be more happy when he saw that Cherry was willing to talk with him, and said, "Our grandpa called me immediately after I rang Derek back."

When she heard Jackson talk about Grandpa Andrew, Cherry opened her eyes wide, and asked, "Why did grandpa call?"

There was no doubt that both of them had attached great importance and respect to Grandpa Andrew. His appearance, his walk, and even the mention of his name, represented a kind of distinct cachet.

Jackson asked for Cherry's opinion and looked in her eyes. "Grandpa wants us to go to his military compound and have lunch together with him. Would you like to go?"

Cherry didn't avoid Jackson's gaze, and instead looked back at him, and asked, "Haven't you agreed already?"

When he saw Cherry's face, Jackson nodded, and showed her that she was indeed right.

Cherry then didn't say anything more; she knew that she couldn't ever refuse Grandpa Andrew.

After a while, Cherry said, "Well, let's get up, dress, and wash, then we'll buy a present for grandpa before we go there."

When he heard that Cherry agreed to go, Jackson happily said, "Okay."

In the evening, Jackson drove with Cherry to the family residence, and when they arrived, they walked hand in hand into the living room of the Chu family.

When the butler saw that Jackson and Cherry had arrived, he cheerfully said to Andrew, "Master, Jackson and Cherry have arrived."

Andrew immediately turned around from the window and looked at Jackson and Cherry, but when he looked more closely at her, his heart ached when he saw her emaciated face. How could his granddaughter-in-law ever get to suffer so much?

as he walked

at Andrew, and

and said, "Cherry, why have you become so

Cherry. The woman had really become emaciated, and had indeed lost a lot

and didn't know how to answer him. She had been grieving, but did she

embarrassed expression, Jackson quickly said to Andrew, "Grandpa, she hasn't been eating well recently, but I'll try my best to look after

pain. He knew for a fact that she would never tell him the true reason as to why

that's good, " said Andrew, and as he turned his eyes

I will, " answered

"Master, they rarely come back, you should chat with them more. I'll check in the kitchen, and have a look at how the lunch

with the butler's words,

and talked with Andrew. Cherry didn't amuse and jest him like she usually did, and instead just answered the questions that he occasionally asked, still trying

"Did you know John and

say a word, and instead just turned his focus to

and she also turned around

were doing had nothing to do with her, and since Emily had died, who else was worth to be treasured by

Cherry kept their silence, he continued to say, "John told me that he didn't love Jean. His decision made

for a moment that Emily's accident had been related to Jean, and although he knew about it, he still

that all by himself; you don't have to worry much about him, " said Jackson. Since he also knew that Cherry didn't want to talk about it, he tried to evade the subject as

"That's right, John has grown

to Cherry, and said, "Cherry, grandpa wants to tell you something today. If the Shen family

stopped Andrew's words, and said, "Grandpa, I'll tell Cherry everything, you don't have

meant with his interruption;

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