Ice and Fire

Chapter 68 Bastard, Stop It

The Chu family, along with Derek, then ate together. From time to time, Andrew and Derek told silly jokes at the table to cheer Cherry up because she was almost mute. Jackson looked at her, filled her plate with delicious food, and hoped that she would be happy.

Andrew and Derek understood Jackson, and they tried their best to put a smile on Cherry's face.

The jokes she heard at the table considerably relieved her distress and brought light to her face. She felt better after lunch, and realized that if she stopped immersing herself in her painful thoughts, she wouldn't suffer so much.

Jackson saw Cherry staring out on the balcony. He walked towards her and hugged her from behind, and whispered in her ear, "Baby, what are you thinking about?"

His question broke Cherry's musing. She said, "Nothing, I just feel a bit tired."

After he heard her answer, Jackson carefully replied, "How about we go in our bedroom?"

Cherry nodded. She was indeed sleepy, and resting in the bedroom was an ideal choice.

Inside the bedroom, Jackson put a quilt on Cherry, and didn't leave until she fell asleep.

He then went to the parlor, and found Andrew and Derek sitting there. Jackson could tell from Andrew's eyes that he wanted to ask him something.

Jackson sat down on the sofa.

Andrew was worried, and asked, "Jackson, how's Cherry?" He noticed that Cherry was in a weak condition, and that she didn't eat much at lunch.

"She's fine. She said she was tired and needed to take a nap, " said Jackson.

Derek stared at Jackson, and said, "Jackson, I can't help but ask you, but are you sure about your decision regarding Jean Shen?"

Derek couldn't let it go, and wanted to persuade Jackson to reconsider, because he didn't want to sentence Jean to death.

Jackson seriously looked at him, and said, "Do I need to repeat myself again?"

she, she's…" started Derek again, but Jackson quickly got angry before

Lu, are you trying

speak again,

to do with Jean. Would Jackson actually stand by and do nothing, when Jean caused both Emily's death and Cherry's depression?

she's just a woman. Don't

Jackson, firmly, "What would you have done if

well for anyone if Cherry had been the one killed. There was a price

also stopped

and ordered, "You

and slightly nodded, because Andrew

agreed on this, and then Andrew

He hadn't seen Sally in a long time, because none of them had ever tried to contact each other, and

the truth, because he had nothing to hide. "We haven't kept in touch, "

recently, either. Does

find his words

seemed that indeed Andrew didn't know how to put

what are you trying to tell us?" asked

and he turned his

at Jackson, but didn't speak his true thoughts. Instead, he said, "Jackson, you know about what I'm worried, don't you? Now that you have Cherry by your side, you should take good care of her. Don't ever let

been Jackson's favorite, but now Cherry was

I say that I'll take care of Cherry

was worried about something else, but he couldn't say

for a long time, and finally asked, "Jackson, Derek, have you seen anyone

looked at each other because of Andrew's question.

He knew that Stephen An was the only one

all of his investigation results. He said, "He works in the entertainment business, and I heard that the

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