Ice and Fire

Chapter 70 Let Me Take You Home

Stephen froze when his eyes finally focused on the corner she was sitting in. It was a familiar, but emaciated face, and her figure, as well as her appearance, made him feel an icy quiver in his heart.

Stephen stared at Cherry, and slowly started to walk up to her.

She sat in the corner and blankly stared at all the people twirling around on?the dance floor. She was there because she missed Emily, not to see other people having fun.

Cherry wasn't aware of the fact that Stephen was standing beside her until he called out her name. "Cherr, you're here!"

When she heard someone calling out her name, Cherry looked backwards, and saw that it was Stephen. She tried to quickly adjust her mood, and a reluctant smile appeared on her face, which was even more uglier than a grimace. She said, "Stephen, how did you know I was here?"

Stephen suffered when he looked at Cherry's face, and he had no choice but to withhold himself from speaking.

"Don't forget that this is my territory. I always know when you're here, " said Stephen.

Cherry believed that what he said was true. After all, it was his bar, and that meant that everything was under his watch, her included.

Embarrassed, Cherry quickly replied, "I'm so sorry..."

However, Stephen felt an unbearable pain pierce his heart. He fixed his eyes on Cherry, and said, "How are you doing these days?"

She was shocked by his greeting, and because Stephen acted just like a friend, this reminded Cherry of Emily one more time.

"Fine, not so bad, " said Cherry.

Stephen stared at her all the time during their talk. He said, "Not so bad, but it seems that you're not a bit happy at all."

When she heard him, Cherry looked down, and lowered her voice. She replied, "No, I'm actually leading a good life now."

his words were quickly

"Please, don't talk about Emily. I came here just to relax." She tried to hide

after a while, he asked, "Would

that the alcohol would do a quick job to anaesthetize her feelings.

to bring several glasses of cocktails to

table, Cherry couldn't help but

he saw that Cherry was so anxious. He knew that she still missed Emily very much, and he also knew that she couldn't get her off of her mind, even though

another, almost emptying all of the cocktail glasses

Cherry said to Stephen, "Give me some wine now,

to release all the sadness that had been built inside of her

stop her when he saw her do that, but he

the waiter to bring some wine

she saw the wine, Cherry started to drink again, despite of the fact that she started to feel uncomfortable and wanted to vomit. She ignored her nausea, and instead kept on gulping wine.

another glass of wine, she immediately felt sick to the brim. Cherry started to feel like throwing up, and when she

unexpected move, Stephen

ladies' room. He ran directly inside, and didn't pay any attention

was cleaning the toilet, and she saw a girl running into the toilet, bending over the sink and puking. A man

Stephen, she

him, Stephen calmed down, and stopped when he saw that Cherry was vomiting in the sink. He said to the custodian next to him, "Put an

said the custodian, and quickly

to Cherry, and while he gently touched her shoulder, he asked, "Cherry, are

ill, and didn't answer Stephen's

passed, Cherry felt much more better, but her stomach was still cramped, and she

feeling better than before, and asked again, "How are you feeling now? Would you like to

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