Ice and Fire

Chapter 71 Unexpected Phone Call

Stephen then drove Cherry home, but when she intended to get out of the car, he suddenly grabbed her arm.

Cherry didn't know what Stephen wanted to do, and instead looked at him in confusion.

He turned to Cherry, and said, "Cherry, just tell me if you don't want to live here, and I'll take you away."

Stephen knew that it was Jackson's home, and that Cherry was Jackson's wife. Although he shouldn't have said those words, he still followed his heart nonetheless.

Cherry shook her head, and said, "Thank you, Stephen, but I'm happy here for Emily, " and after she paused for a couple of seconds, she continued, "and Jackson."

Cherry then got rid of Stephen and walked into her home.

In fact, Cherry didn't care a moment about what Stephen said, because her longing for Emily and everything that they had done together had captured her heart. She didn't care about the rest of the world, and instead decided to let things flow on their natural course.

After Cherry came back home and curled herself on the sofa again, she again blankly stared and didn't utter a word. She was alone, but she felt better than she had been back in the bar; she missed Emily.

When Jackson returned home, he felt his heart bleeding when he saw her sitting in the sofa, motionless.

He quickly hung his military jackets on the coat-hanger, and then walked towards Cherry and sat beside her. He gently took her into his arms, and called her, "Baby."

Jackson was worried about her, and hugged her tightly in his arms. He felt his heart ache because Cherry was very sad, and wondered when would she ever recover to her former happiness.

Cherry quietly snuggled up to Jackson's chest.

Cherry realized that Jackson was there only after a long time, and slightly called out to him, "Jackson."

immediately replied,

finally knew that he

ear, "Why are you sitting alone here on the sofa? Come on,

quickly shook her head, and said, "No, no, I don't

to go there because she was afraid that she would miss Emily when she looked at the bedroom's ceiling. She also feared to sleep alone and feel the cold sheets of the bed on her skin at

and said,

know what she was thinking of. Why didn't she want to go upstairs? After all, that

already buried in her sadness. He didn't care about anything else but to make her feel happy

passed, and Cherry fell asleep in Jackson's warm and comfortable embrace.

very glad that Cherry could sleep, and he tried to make her feel as comfortable

then, Jackson's phone

opened her eyes and saw that Jackson was about to answer

know who was calling him, but he frowned when

clearly saw the name of the caller on Jackson's

because the name sounded familiar to her. But she had forgotten who this Sally was due to lingering sorrow.

Jackson looked at Cherry, he found that she was staring at

of his arms, stood up, and then walked towards the

called Jackson after her, but she didn't stop, and also didn't turn around.

at Cherry's figure with hesitation. Finally, he didn't go after her, and instead chose to take the phone


are you? I miss you, " said

lower his angry voice, because he was afraid that Cherry would be sad and misunderstand him. He said, "Sally, I told you to stop bothering me anymore. You know that your life will be very comfortable with all that money that I gave you.

you, because I miss you every moment, day and night, and I always want to see you, and talk to you. Didn't you feel guilt when you left me lonely in that

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