Ice and Fire

Chapter 72 He Leaves

Jackson went upstairs and entered the bedroom, and saw that Cherry was sitting on the bed and looking out the window. He then slowly walked over to her, and sat beside her.

Despite noticing Jackson sitting by her side, she didn't turn to look at him, and instead continued to look out through the window.

Jackson gently put his hands on Cherry's shoulder, and turned her to face him.

She already knew what Jackson wanted to do, and Cherry obeyed while her absent eyes met his.

"Honey, please don't be upset, Sally just asked me for a little favor, nothing more, " quickly explained Jackson.

"Are you going to see her?" asked Cherry coldly. She had already guessed what would happen next the moment she left his arms: Jackson would leave her side for Sally's as soon as Sally appeared. She had experienced this circumstance more than once.

"I..." started Jackson, but failed to give her any proper answer. He was torn between Cherry and Sally, and didn't know what to do, but Cherry had already read his mind.

"Go then, I can't be held accountable if something bad actually happens to her, " said Cherry, with her eyes filled with bitter disappointment.

you in your heart, Jackson? You call me honey, baby, dear, but do you really treasure me? Do you even love me?'

Cherry broke free from his hands, and stood up. She then walked over to the window and turned over her shoulder to look at Jackson. She said,

him again, and continued to look through the window.

because every explanation seemed to be useless at

he left. In his heart he worried more about Sally because of her quick and bad temper. However, he knew that Cherry was a sensible woman, and that she would never do anything reckless. He decided that as soon as he took care of Sally, he would

Jackson's steps fade away in the distance, tears trickled down Cherry's cheeks. Her heart was broken, because he had never

in bed and stared at the ceiling with her mind completely blank. Sleep eluded her, and she suddenly felt so scared that she had her body tightly cocooned inside the quilt. A certain fear still lingered in her heart, and she

He's maybe in another bed

she wondered what kind of life was she actually living?

and when she had fallen asleep, but when she woke up the next morning, she saw that Jackson was

" said Jackson, in a very gentle tone. He wore a warm smile on his face, which made him look even more handsome and elegant; no one

Cherry turned a blind eye to

not say anything.

"I'm going to the barracks now, so please stay at home and be good. I've

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