Ice and Fire

Chapter 74 What Did You Do

While she was in the car, Cherry thought for a while, and then said, "Stephen, could you please do me a favor?"

He was confused, and thought to himself, 'What could she want from me?'

"What?" asked Stephen.

"Keep my pregnancy a secret, " said Cherry, "Don't tell the others, not even Jackson."

Stephen was very surprised, and as he looked at Cherry and kept driving, his face stiffened. He asked, "Why do you want to hide this from him? Do you..."

But before he had the chance to finish his words, he was stopped by Cherry.

"Stephen, please don't ask me why. If you take me as your friend, then I hope that you will help me hide this from him. I don't want a third person, or any other person, to know that I'm with child, " said Cherry firmly.

Stephen, after a short silence, replied, "I get it."

Stephen didn't think too much of it, because as long as Cherry wanted to do something, he knew that she certainly had some kind of plan. If she didn't want to say it to him, then he wouldn't insist on it. He never wanted to force her to do anything; instead, he wanted to dote upon on her and do exactly as she wished him to.

Cherry forced a smile. She said, "Thank you."

Stephen didn't care about her thanks, and instead asked, "Cherry, do you want to have an abortion?"

When he mentioned this, Cherry turned her head and looked out the window. Complex thoughts then arose in her mind, and she said, "I haven't decided on it yet."

"But it's a baby, it still a life..." Stephen didn't have the heart to let Cherry get an abortion, and even if she did have one, she had no idea of how painful it would be.

him, and said, "Stephen, could you please leave me alone?" The last thing that she wanted to do was to discuss about this child. A baby was indeed a gift from the heavens, but she was not ready to accept it quite yet. She found herself suddenly pregnant, and

looked at Cherry, obeyed her wish and

the gate and parked the car, Cherry was ready to get out of it, but when she looked out the

at the gate, with an icy-cold and aggressive look on his face.

eyes met with his, and Stephen was neither worried,

about the whole scene, because instead of finding her at home, Jackson found his wife sitting in another man's car.

nervous, and simply said, "Stephen, remember your promise! Don't let other people know about what

that far away from them, and said

down after she heard Stephen's promise again, and opened the car's door

then drove away.

turned around and started to walk towards her home, but when she passed Jackson, he suddenly caught

furiously asked,

failed. She didn't want to struggle, and instead calmly looked at Jackson, and

"You can't bear the loneliness when I'm not with you, and you have to go out and pick up guys, eh? The guy you chose for today was

his concern and love, and loving him was very painful. If she couldn't get his heart, then what else could she

whenever you want. Why do you care about my affairs if I

as Jackson said that there was nothing going on between him and Sally, perhaps she would believe him. She might also believe that the true reason why Jackson would leave her and meet with

said nothing, and just stared at

completely disappointed by his reply, and she threw his hand away

then followed her and walked

have the energy to care about Jackson's unhappiness,

went directly upstairs, entered the bedroom, found her pajama,

run in

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