Ice and Fire

Chapter 75 I Want To Leave Him

Cherry pushed Jackson away impatiently, and said, "Jackson, don't believe everything that you see, I just don't feel like explaining. Just relax and go to sleep, okay?"

However, leaving her alone was the last thing that he wanted to do. He tore off her pajamas, grabbed her arms forcibly, and demanded her to answer him, "Are you getting tired of me?" "What?"

Cherry sensed that his anger was boiling, and was afraid that he would not leave her alone if she kept defying him. She thought that she might as well obey and please him to prevent him from finding out that she was pregnant.

Her gaze on Jackson then turned affectionate. She suddenly kissed him, and her lips pressed and rubbed gently onto his in a kind of sensual dance.

She ended the argument before Jackson even realized what happened.

Jackson was surprised, and he immediately fixed his eyes on her; he had not expected her to kiss him first.

Cherry whispered in a sweet and gentle tone, "I'm so tired, I just want to sleep. Please!"

Jackson, as always, surrendered to her girly behavior, and his rage and fierceness extinguished in just moments. Looking at the woman under him, he thought how could he ever do anything against her will?

He kissed her tenderly on her forehead, flipped her over, and held her tightly in his arms. Breathing her scent, he fondly said, "Sleep tight, I'll be right here with you."

Cherry did not show any reluctance this time, because this was the best that she could have hoped for the moment. She whispered to him, "You too."

As Cherry cuddled up against him, she had a feeling of reassurance, and it did not take long before she fell asleep. She thought, 'It's so good to have him beside me now, I don't feel so lonely any more. Every time I saw that he was anxious for me and angry about the things that I did, I thought that he cared about me and loved me, but as soon as Sally showed up, he lost all of his calm. He'll do anything for that woman, even abandon me. He cares so much about her, but what about me? Did he ever think about how sad I would be?

It feels like he and I have returned at the very beginning of our relationship, when we got married just for our own sake; he, for stopping the endless blind dates, and I for escaping from the Shen clan, but, unfortunately, marriage is like a tomb that buries us little by little. Should this child really come to this world?'

Cherry slept until she woke up natural. When she opened her eyes, Jackson was looking at her affectionately.

"Awake?" he asked fondly. He could not get enough of her sleeping face.

"Yes. When did you wake up?" asked Cherry.

"Just now, " said Jackson, as he caressed her hair and pulled it behind her ears. He then asked attentively, "Are you hungry?"

She then unconsciously put her hands on her stomach, and said, "No, not really."

Her silly behavior pulled his heartstrings, and he suddenly felt that he could not stop loving her more and more by each passing day. He grabbed her waist and cuddled her, and whispered in her ear, "Honey, now that you've had a good rest, can we do it?"

However, the love words seemed to alarm Cherry. She was pregnant now, and if they had sex in the way that they always had, they would definitely hurt the baby.

and as she put her arms around his neck, she

now, I'll go in the afternoon, " he replied, and then asked

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do it, honey, I can't wait any longer, " said

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not in the mood, " she lied. She was thinking whether to tell him that she was pregnant, or not.

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heart overflowed with happiness. Only God knew how much he wanted to stay with her, but he was a soldier, and he did not

and said to Cherry, "Honey, I really have to go now. You stay at home and take good care of yourself, I'll be back

to be deaf to his words, and instead lingered for a little longer before she let him go. She looked up at

then kissed her on her

up in her eyes when she saw Jackson disappear in sight. She said to

turned around and entered the house. She called Stephen, with whom she made

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she took a seat across the table, she called out his name,

Stephen anxiously. Since Cherry had told him over the phone that she had a matter of some urgency, he was apprehensive about

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"I want to leave Jackson,

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of hope flashed through her mind. Could she really rely

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