Ice and Fire

Chapter 76 Leaving The Residential Compound

Cherry then went back home and walked all over the house because she wanted to copy it in her mind. Even though she wouldn't live in it anymore, she would be happy to have a home in her heart.

She stood in front of their wedding photo, and as she looked at the two people in it, Cherry let out a wry smile. The two people in the photo looked very affectionate, but did they really love each other?

The next day, Cherry got up early, and she knew that Jackson would be home in the afternoon.

She went back to the residential compound in the morning. As soon as she got there, she saw John's car in the yard, and immediately realized that John and Lucia might be inside Andrew's house.

Cherry didn't flinch, because she knew that it might be her last chance to see Andrew. She respected him a lot, and Andrew had always treated her well since she had married into the Chu family. She had been wronged only once, but that wasn't Andrew's fault.

When she walked into the house, the butler immediately saw her, and was surprised by her sudden visit. He said, "Mrs. Cherry, why, why are you back here today?"

Cherry looked as usual, and with a smile on her face, said, "I'm free today, and I came back to see grandpa."

The butler then cheerfully said, "Come on, come on in, your sister-in-law is also here now."

With these words, the butler then led Cherry to the living room.

When she saw Lucia and John sitting in the living room, Cherry didn't look a bit surprised, and instead looked towards the direction where Andrew was.

in. He smiled happily at her, and said,

so I came here to see you, " said Cherry.

When he saw Cherry alone, Andrew knew that his beloved grandson was at the barracks. Derek

back later in the afternoon. Because I'm free today, I came to

always so considerate, and I'm really happy to see you here, " said Andrew.

as often as we can, " said Cherry. Meanwhile, she heard Lucia whisper, "Such a hypocrite!" Lucia's tone was obviously not kind. Andrew had had a nice chat with her before Cherry had come in on them. Now, Andrew focused all of his attention onto Cherry, and ignored Lucia. 'How could I be so nice to her?' she

what she said. She smiled, and said to her,

first place, " said Lucia with disdain in her voice. She hated Cherry because her son was

anything like that!" said John. He knew that his mom disliked Cherry, but he did

have still been married!" said Lucia. She was not

said nothing, and although she was distressed, she still wore

her. Although he was very dissatisfied with his mom, in Andrew's presence he

making Lucia restrain herself

breath, and then said, "It was John's decision to divorce Jean, so please don't look for other excuses

happened. John had divorced Jean because Cherry's good friend had passed away,

dare to say anything more, and instead glared at

eased a little, he smiled, and said to Cherry, "Cherr,

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