Ice and Fire

Chapter 89 Please Don't Tell Him

When she saw him, Cherry quickly wiped away her tears, and said, "Hi, John. Long time, no see..."

All of his betrayals and feelings mattered too little for her, and she calmly greeted him without any sort of emotional distress.

John quickly asked, "When did you come back?"

"Yesterday, " replied Cherry.

John knew her well, and nodded gently. The first thing that she did after her return was to visit Emily's grave.

John put the flowers in front of Emily's tombstone, and as he looked at it, he said, "She wasn't lonely; Stephen and I have often come to see her in the past five years."

When she heard him, Cherry quickly asked, "How is Stephen nowadays?"

Cherry was very concerned about Stephen, because he had helped her escape. Except for Emily and Jackson, he was the only one that she ever cared about in the past five years.

John didn't intend to hide anything from her. He looked at Cherry, and said, "He's had both good times, and hard times."

"What do you mean by that?" Cherry didn't understand John too well.

"My uncle eventually found out that Stephen was the one who helped you leave, " said John. He believed that Cherry would then understand him.

Cherry then just stared at him, and wondered what Jackson had done to Stephen.

When John saw Cherry's expression, he guessed that she already understood what he wanted to say to her. He continued, "So my uncle always made things more difficult for him. That, and..."

"And what?" When she heard him, Cherry became a little more anxious. She wondered what had happened during her absence.

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side then..." John paused for a few moments, and then continued, "To be more accurate, they were on the Chu family's side, and Jackson didn't let Stephen go off so easily. Stephen's career was destroyed little by little,

a sense of guilt. She had never expected

okay now. He told me that he was satisfied with his current status, and that he doesn't hate Jackson. There's no

it was all my fault. If I hadn't asked Stephen to help me, he wouldn't have ended

was distressed to see Cherry like that. Although years had passed, she had never

feel too guilty about it; it wasn't your fault. If you ever have time, go and visit Stephen.

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But before she left, she said, "John, would you please keep my return a secret for the moment?

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going to see Jackson?" said John, surprised by her request. He continued, "You're still his legitimate wife. Don't you

nodded, and said, "I have no idea; at least

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I won't tell anyone, " said John. He would support her, no matter what she wanted to do, and he

" said Cherry.

and to start a new life in the city with her beloved son.

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set up a subsidiary. With the headquarters' help from abroad, the subsidiary had a chance to develop pretty well in the city, and

didn't bring Joe back

they got home, Joe called loudly,

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