Ice and Fire

Chapter 90 Be Strong While Alone

While they were having dinner, Wilson said to Cherry, "By the way, the assistant called about Joe's new school; he said he can start tomorrow."

Cherry believed that Joe had to start school right away after they moved back to the city.

Cherry nodded to Wilson, but on the other hand, Joe was a bit unhappy. He pouted his lips, and said, "But I don't want to go to school, I want to play for a few more days!"

Cherry comforted him, "Joe, Uncle Wilson and I have to deal with our own affairs, and you'll be bored sick if you stay at home all day alone, but if you go to school, you'll have lots of fun with your new schoolmates. Wouldn't that be great?"

Cherry's words intrigued Joe, and he cried, "You're right! I won't be lonely anymore if I have a lot of new friends!"

Cherry saw Joe's cheeky grin, and because of his naughty character, wondered if he would get along well with his future schoolmates.

After dinner, Cherry washed the dishes. She found that Wilson and Joe had kept playing video games for a long time after, and thought that Joe should go to sleep early because he had to go to school in the morning.

Cherry left the kitchen, and went to the parlor, and said to Joe, "Time to go to bed."

Joe didn't even look at Cherry, and with his eyes focused on the game, said, "Mommy, after I pass this level."

Cherry was unhappy with him, and shouted, "Joe!"

After he heard his mother's tone, Joe knew that she was angry. Although he didn't want to, he turned off the game, stood up, and said, "Uncle Wilson, let's play again next time. I have to go to bed now."

"Okay, I'll take you to school tomorrow morning. Good night!" replied Wilson.

Cherry was relieved when Joe went upstairs as she ordered him to, and thought that she would overcome every difficulty with him as long as he wasn't rebellious.

When he saw that Joe went upstairs, Wilson said, "Cherry, I want to have a talk with you."

Cherry nodded, and then sat beside Wilson on the sofa.

"Wilson, how's your new company? Is everything going well?" asked Cherry.

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"Oh! That's good!"

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a living, and Joe and I will move out, since mommy and Uncle Jacob will come back to live with you soon.

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and you don't need to move out. I've bought the villa for

years. You know that I'm sorry that I've bothered you so much, but now I can take care of both Joe and I, and we won't bother you anymore,

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Cherry's hand, and gently asked, "Cherry, you do know that I love you, don't you? I will take care of you and Joe forever if you accept me. Dad and auntie won't

Wilson's hand, stood up, and

feared that Cherry would leave

I'll take good care of both you and Joe, and I will consider him as my own

please don't leave

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and you're my elder brother. I will never forget how good you've treated us, but you

hug Cherry, and wanted to make her reconsider her sad words. He said, "But I want you, Cherry. You're all that

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he didn't want to force her into something that she didn't want

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