Ice and Fire

Chapter 91 Do You Still Love My Daddy

In the morning, the alarm clock rang, and Cherry woke up. She wanted to also wake up her son, but after she opened her sleepy eyes, she noticed that Joe Shen was not in bed beside her.

"Joe? Joe Shen!" called Cherry. She scratched her head, and wondered where Joe could have gone to at such an early hour of the morning. She also wondered how she didn't feel him get out of bed.

After she washed and changed her clothes, she went downstairs, and found her son in the dining room.

He was making breakfast with Wilson beside the dinning table.

When he saw her, Joe cheerfully said, "Mommy! Mommy! Come and have breakfast with us! Wilson had taught me to make breakfast. Try it and tell me if you like it!"

When Cherry saw that her son ran to her and pulled her to the dinning room, her heart was filled with happiness.

Wilson also warmly said, "Come and have your breakfast."

Cherry nodded.

She had some food, and said with satisfaction, "Joe, it looks that you have the makings to be an wonderful cook! Excellent!"

When Joe heard that his mommy praised him, he was very happy, and said, "Of course, just think who I am. I'm the smartest boy in the whole wide world!"

When they saw how proud of himself he actually was, Cherry and Wilson looked at each other, shook their heads, and smiled.

After breakfast, Wilson took Joe to school.

Cherry took her resume and intended to go to the JS Group for the interview. She told herself that because the JS Group was a big company, she had to be her best to get the job. If she was accepted, then her life and her son's would be a whole lot more secure.

As she entered the first floor of the splendid JS Building, people passed by her actively. It was indeed the most powerful company in the city.

Cherry walked up to the front desk and told the receptionists that she was there for an interview. After they found her name on the list of appointments, she was guided to the interview.

For the whole morning, Cherry talked with people from the personnel department. She also talked with the business manager, and he told her that if she received a notification for the second part of the interview in the afternoon, then she could meet the company's chairman tomorrow and start work right away.

When she left the building, she was in good mood, because she had done well in the interview. She had briefly introduced her working experience. Five years ago, she had worked as business department leader in the Shen Group, and in the past five years, she had worked abroad in related business. The whole interview went well, and she believed that she would be hired.

Cherry then drove home and waited for the company's notification.

in the afternoon, she received a message from the personnel department stating that she could start

remembered that her son had made breakfast for her in the morning. Thanks to that, she was in a terrific mood and the interview had gone well. So Cherry decided to make dinner for her son, to celebrate

the supermarket and bought a lot of food, and then she returned back home to make dinner for her son.

back home, they smelled dinner. They

suddenly shouted Joe.

heard her son call out for her, she knew that he was back with Wilson.

and when he saw the marvellous dinner on the table,

she was still busy cooking, Cherry answered, "Of course

to Wilson, and said, "Uncle Wilson! What's wrong with my

he thought that she must be in a good mood. He guessed that her interview had

got a job, "

him in surprise. He walked into the kitchen, and as he stood beside his

she heard his questions, Cherry didn't know how to reply to him.

asking about

mommy was wrong about him. He said, "I'm afraid

that no one would ever

Joe was so excited that he happily replied, "Okay, if I can't do other things, it

'My little son is really an old soul. Sometimes his ideas surprise

Wilson asked her, "Cherry, how was your

you and Joe made me breakfast, my interview was a success. I've received a notification this afternoon, and

The company has become one of the largest in the city in only a few years, so it is certainly powerful and efficient. I've also heard that the chairman of the JS Group is a woman; have you met

her head, and replied, "No, but I might

and said, "Since you got a job in the JS Group, you

will, "

remembered something, and she looked back at her son and asked, "Joe, how

and he indifferently replied, "Just as

that?" Cherry thought that her son meant something else.

classroom and then started the lesson. I

out immediately, and thought to herself, 'My son knows nobody at that school, but why

because he had

looked at his silly mommy. He thought to himself, 'Is my mommy getting old?

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