Ice and Fire

Chapter 97 Do You Still Remember Me (Part Two)

On the other side of the line, anger was slowly rising inside Sally's heart. 'Where are you, Jackson?' she thought anxiously. 'Why aren't you answering my calls?'

Cherry pulled over to the entrance of the hotel, as it was written on her sticky note. She checked the address and saw that it was correct, and after that she got out of the car and went straight to the hotel.

Cherry went to the reception and showed her identity. The hotel staff looked into the customers' messages and told her that there was a Mr. Xie who had asked the representatives of the JS Group to go upstairs and meet with him in his hotel room.

"You can go to Room 5022, " said the hotel staff respectfully.

"Thank you!" She then turned around and left the reception area.

At the VIP zone, Cherry looked around and searched for Room 5022. She was nervous, and her hands were shaking, and she was fearful that if she said something inappropriate or wrong, her client might refuse to sign the order form. 'What does my client look like?' she wondered. She couldn't lose such an expensive order for anything.

Cherry ran into a bellboy who was cleaning the hotel's corridor, and she hastily apologized for her carelessness.

The bellboy smiled at her, and said, "Never mind, lady."

the room. Her mind went blank, and she had already forgotten the exact number of

she should knock. She looked at the two identical doors, and regretted that she hadn't written

to knock on

and knock on the door, it suddenly opened from

the man or woman that opened the door

she said, but after she opened her mouth, she quickly stopped her question halfway. When she saw the familiar face in front of her, she was struck dumb right there

he had been dreaming about every night for the past five years. He stood in the doorway, dressed in his clean

in front of her. He shared the same facial features with her son, but his face seemed to be more serious, and complicated. It was a face that she had once held in her

at each other without talking, but at the same time they seemed

that she was looking for. 'Why am I even standing here? Am I a stupid?' she thought. She never wanted to see the man again, and she wanted

he stretched out his hand, grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his

Jackson pushed Cherry's body against the wall, with one hand holding her arm, and the other squeezing her neck. He

again?" said Jackson

didn't dare to look him in the eye.

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