Ice and Fire

Chapter 98 I Hate You

"What the hell do you want?" Cherry asked plainly.

"Do I have to tell you what I want?" Jackson retorted. But then, he continued, "I will show you what I really want!"

Jackson's body had started reacting to Cherry the moment he had seen her. This damned woman had dared to abandon him several years ago. And now, she would pay the price, knowing very well the seriousness of the consequence of fighting against his wishes.

Jackson held Cherry's hands and dragged her inside his bedroom. He pushed her down on the bed, rubbing his muscular body against hers.

Cherry had already dropped her bag and the sticky note. At the sight of Jackson approaching her like a beast in a fury, she pleaded hastily, "Jackson, let me go. Let me go!"

"Let you go? Cherry, don't even think of it!" Jackson was getting aggressive. He pinned her two hands firmly, touching her curvy body from over her clothes and sensed her rising temperature and breath. He just couldn't resist Cherry any more. It had been five years since he had last touched this woman. How could he let her go easily today?

He held her arms down with his one strong hand and with the other, he fiercely tore away at her clothes.

Cherry's thin blouse was shredded to pieces, revealing her snow-white skin, only cladding her in her pink underwear, barely covering her private parts.

"Jackson, you're a bastard! How dare you treat me like this?" Cherry resisted Jackson's violence. She was not prepared for this. Her heart ached with the hurt of what Jackson was doing to her.

Jackson continued to ignore Cherry's protests. He continued to work on her, about to pull down her skirt.

Several moments later, Cherry had only two piece of clothes on her body. She lay on the soft and large bed, with Jackson looking at her, as aggressively as a hungry tiger growling at his prey.

Cherry was beginning to run out of her strength in fighting against him. She screamed helplessly, "Jackson, you bastard. Let me go."

and the wielding

finally done with her resistance, Jackson

with great fear and simultaneously

the father of her son, who had slapped her and was

even kill her. It was because of her that he never slept well at night. He felt that it was Cherry

took off both of their underwears and

had snaked into his bed and they had had their first sex. It had been so beautiful. With that memory, he almost forgot everything, including his abomination of Cherry. Her

felt like a penetration into her body, the endless hate was mingled

eyes had lost all emotions. Although her body ached from Jackson' attack, all of this meant nothing to her. This brutish man had once captured

to his worst so that this woman could pay the price of abandoning her husband and running away. When he saw that Cherry had exhausted herself and lost her consciousness, he slowed down and

his sweat and semen spilled on her naked skin, feeling satisfied with himself. Now, he had made her his woman again, and this time, she wouldn't get

her swollen cheek, Cherry frowned in her

a surge of complicated feelings. He kissed

or could do anything he could just to possess

damned woman dared to betray him and find another

filled up the hotel room. The brightness was too annoying for Cherry to continue sleeping and she finally

eyes and felt a weight on her body. She tried to push it

body, fast asleep. That was when the memories gradually came back to her mind. She remembered what had happened in the following hours after she came to the hotel and knocked at the door

tried to push Jackson off and

the angry face of Cherry. He asked coldly, "What's the problem?

Cherry scorned. How could he treat her in this manner at their first meeting after five years?

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