Ice and Fire

Chapter 99 I Will Destroy Him

Sally rushed into the bedroom after she did not find anyone in the parlour.

She stopped short when she saw Cherry, who hadn't aged after five years.

Sally hadn't expected to see Cherry and she broke out a shout, "Cherr…Cherry Shen?"

Only then did she notice that Cherry and Jackson had had sex, looking at the messy bed, and she felt her heart break. Jackson hadn't wanted to touch Sally at all in the last five years, and yet he made love with Cherry at the first instant she had come back.

Jackson was a bit confused to see that Sally had found out that he was here.

Cherry's heart broke even a little more when she saw Sally's furious expression and realised that Sally had been Jackson's companion for the last five years.

Sally cried and said, "Jackson, how could you do this to me?"

Jackson merely ignored her and instead, hugged Cherry closer and put a quilt over them.

Sally understood that Jackson was protecting Cherry.

Cherry, on the other hand, did not resist Jackson's actions and instead, stayed within Jackson's warm hug and kept silent seeing Sally there.

Sally continued, now directing her anger at Cherry, "Cherry Shen, you…"

Before Sally could finish her words, Jackson furiously interrupted, screaming, "Get out of here!"

Sally did not dare to say anymore, because she could see clearly that Jackson was mad at her and she could not afford to provoke him more. If she ever tried, it would not take any effort to turn Jackson to be on Cherry's side.

Sally looked at Cherry with hatred and thought, 'Now that you have come back, get ready to face my attack. I will destroy you, Cherry Shen, because Jackson is mine! He will continue to be mine.'

She turned around and left quietly.

Cherry heard the door shut and then pushed Jackson away, pulling the quilt on herself.

Jackson did not stop her this time and instead, got out of bed and walked into the bathroom.

As Jackson went into the bathroom, Cherry quickly got up and tried to put on her clothes in an attempt to leave quickly. But Jackson returned before she left, perhaps because he knew that she would definitely try to run away. Cherry had run away once, five years ago. Could he possibly risk letting her do that again? The answer for that question was clear without a doubt.

He walked towards Cherry, picked her up and walked back to the bathroom.

to get rid of him now and exclaimed, "Jackson Chu, what are you doing? Put

could barely control his angry voice and said, "don't move, or I

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decided that she had to leave the disgusting place as soon as possible.

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was on the paper, Jackson's anger returned. He stared at Cherry for a moment and finally asked, "Do you work for

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Cherry and she was forced to ask, "What are you

Cherry's eyes and immediately replied, "I want to torture you, Cherry Shen. You will not be able to get rid of me for the rest of your life. So it's best if you don't even think

then dropped the order, turned

And now that he did, would he just leave her alone? It was not very hard to guess the answer for that. Instead of thinking about what he would do to her, Cherry

walked out of the elevator and went towards the reception downstairs instead of leaving the

the reception desk watched Jackson walk towards them and respectfully greeted him, "Good

at them with wrath and ask with oozing anger, "Who gave Sally my room

turned to the girl beside her.

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"I'm sorry, Mr. Chu. Please, please don't fire me! Please don't fire

Jackson entered his car, started

thinking of what had just happened. Finally, after all these years, he had found Cherry. He wouldn't let her run away again and had made up his mind that he would make her suffer more than he had suffered in the last five years. As for Sally, when did she get Jackson's military ID? What had she been doing with

finally stopped right in front of the JS building. He then got out of

when she heard that someone directly came in without knocking the door. She thought, 'Who is it? Those who

sofa, the first thought that came to her mind was that Jackson looked extremely dangerous at the moment. Selina could only think of one question at that time. What had happened that had made

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was so angry that he didn't even look up at Selina.

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stared at her with madness. That look frightened her and she would rather have swallow her

staff list from the secretary and began searching carefully. He then saw Cherry's

confused and asked, after building up some courage, "Jackson, do you

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