Ice and Fire

Chapter 102 I Can't Fall Asleep Without Mommy Around

After leaving the tea house, Cherry didn't go home. Instead, she directly went to the hospital. She had found out that John had been sent to the nearest hospital by some kindhearted people.

She finally found John there, in one of the wards in the hospital. His head had already been bandaged. Seeing this, Cherry felt a stab in her heart.

"I am sorry, John. This is all my fault, " said Cherry, sitting beside the bed and looking into John's eyes. She didn't know what else to say except offer apologies.

Despite going through a great deal of pain himself, John comforted Cherry and said, "Cherr, I am okay. Don't worry. It's not your fault. We all know what kind of person my uncle is!"

Cherry did not say another word when Jackson came to mind. She did not know how to face him anymore. He had become so cruel and terrible that he seemed no longer like the man that she had once known. Could five years change a man to this extent?

It was already very late by the time Cherry went back home. Jacob and Elsa had already gone to sleep and only Wilson was waiting for her in the living room.

Seeing Cherry back, Wilson hastily walked towards her and asked, "What took you so long to come back from work today?"

"There was some company related work to attend to and I had to work overtime." said Cherry, who then lowered her head and got busy into changing her shoes.

"But it shouldn't have been so late. You must be very tired!" said Wilson. He really did care about Cherry very much.

"I am not tired, brother. You should go and get some rest, " answered Cherry. She raised her head a little bit while speaking and then lowered it again in an instant.

Wilson was a very observant man. He could tell there was certainly something wrong that had happened with her. When he took a closer look at her, he noticed Cherry's bruised cheek.

He took hold of Cherry's arm and lifted her head. When saw her swollen face, Wilson was suddenly very irritated and angrily asked, "What has happened?"

His heart ached at seeing her face and he couldn't believe that someone had slapped her. Did this man have a death wish?

head aside. She then said indifferently, "It's nothing,

don't lie to me any more. Tell me, what the hell happened?" Wilson persisted to question her. Up

She walked over to sit on the sofa. Wilson followed her quietly to sit down beside her.

head and in an indifferent tone, said, "I met John today. And Jackson

Wilson felt a little shocked. He knew that John had been Cherry's ex-boyfriend during her college years and that they had broken up with each

feeling surprised, Wilson did not say a word. He was waiting for Cherry to

house and I don't know how Jackson found us there, " said Cherry, in a calm tone.

Jackson be that he would even hit a woman?

he had to be sent to the hospital. So I went there to see

by Jackson too?" asked Wilson. He felt more and more astonished and just could not imagine what kind of a scene it must have been there at

said Cherry, "John was hit by Jackson's subordinates. Jackson

Wilson understood that it was Jackson who had slapped Cherry and he

teeth and in a furious tone, said, "I'd like to meet him in person, and see how cruel he

Wilson said, Cherry immediately grabbed his arm and anxiously said, "No. Don't ever go near him. He is a crazy man and is capable of doing anything cruel. I know he hates me very much and he even wishes to kill

whether Cherry had been so scared of Jackson even at the time she decided

away, "Cherry, has

and looked into Wilson's eyes and said, "He once was very tender and gentle and treated me very well. But when I saw him again, after all these years, I realized that he had changed. He has become so terrible and horrible that I almost couldn't recognize him. His subordinates are just

mind was filled with the images of when John was hit by Jackson's subordinates.

even more brutal. I've seen it all today. Jackson and his subordinates are

with fear as she recalled

have to call me next time if you anything happens, okay? If Jackson does anything bad to you again, I will not let

a mess. She didn't know what Jackson would do to her

she hastily moved her head from

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