Ice and Fire

Chapter 103 It Is Her

The next morning, Cherry bolted through her breakfast and rushed to work.

When she arrived at the office, she immediately started to work at her desk, like every other day.

Just a few minutes later, the manager came over and asked her to send over a document to JS Group's subsidiary.

She nodded and took the task dutifully.

After the manager left, she searched for the route on her computer and then set off for her destination.

Inside the office building of the JS group, when the elevator reached the first floor, she rushed out of it and in the process, knocked straight into someone who was coming her way.

She felt a sudden pain on her temple. It seemed that she had hit it against strong chest. The touch of the clothes felt like that of a military uniform.

"I'm sorry, " said Cherry as she looked up.

In the next second, both Cherry and Derek were shocked.

Derek could not believe his eyes. The woman standing in front of him was Cherry, Jackson's wife. What was she doing at JS? Why was she here?

"Ch-cherry?" Derek called out in utter astonishment.

Cherry also realised only then that it was Derek she had bumped into. She had thought he would have been a random stranger.

"Derek..." she called softly and then dropped her head.

"What are you doing here? More importantly, when did you come back?" asked Derek, who felt his head rushing with a surprise mingled with delight. He could not help thinking of Jackson who would finally cheer up to know about the reunion.

Cherry involuntarily touched her hair, not knowing what to say.

Finally she blurted out, "Derek, I'm in kind of a hurry and I really have to go now. Bye!"

Then she turned around and walked away before Derek could even come up with any response.

As Derek watched Cherry disappear, he felt exhilarated. What a wonderful thing it had been to see her back!

All of a sudden, Selina came up from nowhere, flung her arms around Derek's neck and said in a fiendish voice, "Brother, are you staring at hot girls?"

"Yes." Derek nodded with a smile. His eyes still lingered on where Cherry's figure was leaving.

"You are looking at hot girls? Really?" Selina had not thought that her chiding would actually be a true guess.

It suddenly occurred to Derek that Cherry had been holding some documents. Would she possibly work here?

his head around to her sister and asked, "Sister,

certainty. Cherry was an excellent employee who worked under her.

her?" asked Derek

me, " answered Selina ignorantly, not making too much out of

she know that Selina was his sister? Did she know that JS Group's owner was

Selina wondered, "Hey, are you alright?

words and pulled away her

go now, " he said abruptly and then left in

going? We haven't finished talking. Why

did not care to

to the military residential compound and went straight to the Chu's.

he found Andrew and the butler sitting in the living room. He politely

he nodded at the butler as a

always being acknowledged by him and feeling that Derek

Andrew greeted in response, smiling.

some work

anything possibly wrong, since Derek and Jackson were good

go and see him, "

you later." Andrew waved his

on the door before he walked in.

like lost somewhere

Then he added, "She is back... I mean Cherry

Derek without revealing any response.

he realised

knew she's back?" demanded

Jackson responded blankly and

a while and then

Jackson gave Derek the

wondered to himself, 'What is Jackson thinking about? Why did he not tell me that he had met Cherry? I have raced all the way here to

home? Where does she live now? Did

and finally decided to be frank

of a sudden five years ago and suddenly appeared again. Does that mean I have to forgive her and take her home

not expect that Jack still felt so much hatred for Cherry after

you two haven't gotten a divorce yet,

repeated and

been missing her terribly in all these years. As far as he could tell, Jackson still

mad with her. Talk to her and ask her why she left five years ago. Then bring

make her pay for what she did to me. I'll let her know what it

home, he had suffered a lot from Cherry's sudden departure during the past five years and he

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