Ice and Fire

Chapter 105 Meeting At The Restaurant (Part One)

Selina couldn't guess Cherry's thoughts just by looking at her expression.

At first she was confused, but then something suddenly sprung in her mind. She immediately said, "Was it because of Sally?"

When Sally's name was mentioned, Cherry recalled the day when Sally's eyes had gleamed with hate in the hotel. During the past five years, it seemed that Jackson and Sally had kept a harmonious and stable relationship. Sally had always been together with Jackson, and of course that from the first moment when Cherry had returned to the city, her hate had also exponentially grown.

Selina thought that her hunch was correct. She took Cherry's hand, and said, "Please trust me. They aren't together, and I'm sure that Jackson doesn't love her. Sally's character has always been a mystery to me."

It suddenly occurred to Selina that Lori had once said to her that Sally was a woman with lots of secrets, but nobody knew what exactly those secrets were. Or, what her true motives and goals were.

Cherry didn't care about those secrets. She looked at Selina, and said indifferently, "Miss Selina, now that you know the true story between Jackson and me, if you want me out of the company, I will leave immediately. I know that Jackson hates me for abandoning him five years ago, and it's really okay if you're on his side."

Selina never thought that Cherry had this sort of idea in her mind. She had never intended to fire Cherry, but instead she had summoned her in her office because she wanted to know the reason why she had left Jackson.

Selina shook her head, and said, "No, you misunderstood me, I don't want you to go."

Cherry was surprised, and wondered, 'Then why am I here? It seems that she knows everything.'

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