Ice and Fire

Chapter 106 Meeting At The Restaurant (Part Two)

After Cherry hung up, she called Stephen, and briefed him about their dinner with Wilson. Since he hadn't spoken with Cherry for a couple of days, Stephen agreed with the arrangement, because he also wanted to chat more with her.

After she finished her work, Cherry came to his bar.

Cherry hesitated to come inside it, and she called Stephen and asked him to meet her outside.

A couple of moments later, Stephen came out through the door and entered her car. Cherry started the engine and then drove away.

Neither Cherry nor Stephen noticed that after Stephen came out of the bar, a camera had been recording their every movement until the moment they left.

Inside the car, Stephen asked, "Why do you want to introduce me to your brother today?"

Cherry smiled at him, and said, "I should have done this a long time ago. You know that I've been busy recently, and besides, my brother's also busy with running his newly established company, the Sky Group. Have you heard of it?"

Stephen nodded, and answered, "Of course, I did. The Sky Group is like a miracle in the business world, and besides, it seems to me that the Sky Group is also in the Future Project."

Cherry was a bit surprised, and asked, "Are you sure? I don't know about that, but I do know that the JS Group has joined the project. One of my colleagues told me this."

Stephen was confused, and wasn't sure whether Cherry actually knew that Jackson was the actual controller of the JS Group. If she knew that, would she have still worked for the JS Group?

Stephen thought for a moment, and then said, "Well, the JS Group is pretty big, and the Future Project is supposed to be reaping staggering profits by the day. The JS Group couldn't have given up on this rare opportunity."

After I introduce you to my brother tonight, you two can help

and obscure business affairs. She was living a good life and was doing her job, just like any other people from the wage earning middle class, and although sometimes this kind of ordinary life seemed to be too plain, it actually

and said, "Well, I'm pleased

you, " said Cherry

satisfied Stephen's

the restaurant Wilson chose, Cherry and Stephen said to a waiter, "There's a Mr. Wilson waiting for us. Can you show us to

they were Wilson's friends, he hastily answered,

VIP room,

can leave us for now, " answered Cherry

smiled wryly at Stephen, she pushed open the door, and saw Wilson sitting on

walked inside alongside a man,

said Cherry, with a big smile

said Wilson, while he came closer to Cherry and Stephen, and

and then at Stephen, and said, "Now, let me introduce you to each other. This's my brother, Wilson, and this is my good friend, Stephen. He's helped

him politely, "Nice to meet

Stephen, " answered Wilson respectfully.

of them sat down, and chatted

and suddenly said to Stephen, "Who is picking Joe up

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