Ice and Fire

Chapter 107 Who Allows Her To Have Another Man

Wilson and Stephen were talking about business affairs over dinner, and each asked some questions about their companies. Because Stephen had been in the city for so long, he simply explained some business matters that Wilson should take notice of, and also introduced many big shots to him.

Wilson accepted all of his advices with an open mind. While they were discussing merrily, Cherry noticed that she could only occasionally say a few words, because it was too difficult for her to understand what they were talking about. There was nothing left for her to do but to eat, and because she had been working for the whole day, Cherry had already developed quite an appetite, and she couldn't wait to eat out of all of the delicious dishes that were laid out in front of her on the table.

At the hotel's entrance, Jackson's face turned gray when he caught sight of Cherry's car, which was parked somewhere nearby. 'How dare they go inside together!' he thought.

Subsequently, Jackson looked at the building, a famous hotel of the city that had a glorious appearance, and was surprised that Cherry could find such a good place. Even as an ordinary employee in the JS group, she still dared to come to an upperclass hotel, giving the impression that she was wealthy.

Jackson, along with Bobby and another man dressed in black, entered the hotel.

When the manager saw a man come in, he felt a distinctive aura surrounding him, cold and fierce.

After he looked at him more carefully and recognized who he was, the manager immediately walked over to him.

"Mr. Jackson, I'm so glad that you're here, " said the lobby manager with a respectful tone.

The waiter also had intended to walk up to receive Jackson, but when he saw that the manager had already received him so proactively, and realized that Jackson must be one of the most distinguished guests, he left in a hurry.

Jackson looked around the first floor of the hotel and saw only two tables with several people at them eating. He couldn't see Cherry anywhere.

"Your business looks good, " said Jackson in a cold tone.

"It's doing fine, just fine, " quickly replied the manager.

Jackson then turned his eyes to Bobby, who immediately understood what he meant.

"Where is the owner of the car outside?" said Bobby, while pointing at the white car in front of the hotel.

number, but

"I honestly don't know it, but please sit there and wait for a minute; I will go and find out for you." After he

saying a word, and so did Bobby

ran to the reception desk and found out that the owner of the car is a woman, and that she was in the room that Wilson had reserved beforehand. Because Wilson was the chief executive of the Sky Group, it was obvious that he was not someone he would dare to

he couldn't delay them for too long, and if Jackson got angry, there was a chance that the hotel

with respect, "Mr. Jackson, the car's owner is a young lady, and she has come here to meet

was surprised at the fact that Cherry didn't have dinner alone with

replied the

the friend?" asked Jackson.

because he was afraid that if he told them everything, then it would be difficult for him

the certain hesitance in his behaviour, and

to kill someone, frightened the manager. He said, "It's, it's, it's

more obvious. He thought, 'How could this

Jackson stood up, and

but when he saw Bobby's eyes flash,

walked upstairs, followed by Bobby and the man in

room's door, Jackson pushed it open.

Wilson and Stephen were cheerfully having their meal together and chatting with each other, but when

smile froze on her face almost in an instant. It was Jackson, but how could

he could see Jackson at this place. And he found

that his face was almost identical to Joe's. Joe gave people a babyish feeling, but Jackson was mature. Their eyes, eyebrows, nose and even

isn't it?" said Jackson, with

these three people sitting at

up from her seat, and asked, "What are you

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