Ice and Fire

Chapter 109 I Won't Let You Go! (Part Two)

She opened the door, and got inside.

Jackson didn't utter a word, and neither did Cherry.

Soon after, Jackson started the engine, and drove the car away.

Bobby drove in another car, and closely followed them from behind.

Cherry had no idea where Jackson was taking her, and instead just looked outside the window and tried to enjoy the night view. All of a sudden, she saw the familiar road, and she couldn't help but look at Jackson, who was still silent, with surprise.

Cherry couldn't have been more familiar with that road, because it was the road to her home, her and Jackson's home, the home with which she had too many memories stored in her brain.

Jackson then pulled over the car at the apartment building. He then got out of the car, opened the passenger's seat, pulled Cherry out of the car and dragged her to the apartment.

The other two also got out of their car. Bobby talked something with the man in black, and then Bobby followed Jackson into the apartment building. The man in black left.

Jackson took out the key, opened the door, and pushed Cherry inside.

Cherry felt distressed when she saw the familiar room again. It looked the same as it had been five years ago, and it seemed that nothing had changed at all. All kinds of memories came flooding in her head.

Jackson noticed Cherry's expression and walked closer to her. He said, "So? Do you remember anything?"

soon came back to reality, and whens she saw that Jackson was coming closer to

towards the wooden cabinet that she


just want to see if you

in the room where he used to spoil her all the time, but

and avoided Jackson's eyes. She

heard her indifferent tone, Jackson felt so furious and irritated that he shouted, "Tell

and she didn't intend

already left you, there's no reason to tell you my motive. I just left, and that's the whole truth. I don't want

heard her, Jackson stepped closer to Cherry, and said, "How dare

Cherry immediately resisted him, and she shouted, "Jackson, what are you going to

get rid of Jackson's grip, and walked

her, and couldn't believe that the woman had the nerve to

walking towards her again. Suddenly, she saw a fruit knife beside her on

he saw what Cherry did, Jackson also got frightened, and he hastily

" said

slowly continued to get closer

had no choice but

saw the loathing burning like fiery coals in Jackson's eyes, and she knew that he hated every fiber of her being. She had never stopped loving him in the past five years, but now she thought that she would rather die than to

knife closer to her neck, but she didn't expect that Jackson would

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