Ice and Fire

Chapter 110 Drive Her Home

Bobby was for a moment stunned by Cherry's strong command. Although he only obeyed to Jackson's orders, in this situation he had no choice but to listen to Cherry.

Bobby then walked over to Jackson and helped him to the living room.

Cherry couldn't have been more familiar with the house she was in. She quickly found the first aid kit and went to the living room. When she saw Jackson sitting on the sofa, she walked straight over to him.

She squatted in front of Jackson, opened the medicine box, took out a clean pledget, and carefully wiped the blood off of Jackson's injured hand.

Jackson closely looked at her while she was carefully dressing his wound. He was almost lost in her worried expression, and it seemed as if they were still in love with each other. He would have been extremely happy if it hadn't been for the fact that she had run away from him.

Because Cherry was preoccupied with dressing his wound, she didn't notice his gaze.

Jackson just quietly stared at her, and suddenly he smelled Cherry's shampoo on hair, and realized that it was the same as ever. He had never forgotten it, and he loved it as much as he loved her.

Eventually, Cherry finished dressing Jackson's wound, and after she was sure that he was alright, she sighed relieved, and sat back down on the floor.

At that moment, Jackson wasn't looking at her anymore. He instead looked away, and said to Bobby, "Drive her back home."

Bobby was a bit surprised to hear him, and Cherry was even more surprised than he was.

She couldn't believe her ears. Had Jackson let her go just because she helped him dress his wound?

When Bobby snapped out of it, he hastily said, "Yes, sir!"

Cherry didn't say a word more. She closed the first aid kit, and just when she was about to get up from the floor, she saw Jackson's face from a close distance. She was so familiar with that face, which was almost the same as her baby son's was. The look in his eyes was always deep, and his eyebrows were always wrinkled, as if the whole world owed him everything, but nonetheless, he was still very handsome.

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