Ice and Fire

Chapter 111 Buying Evening Dress Together

Cherry then went upstairs, and when she opened the door of her bedroom, she saw Joe playing his video games on the bed.

As soon as Joe saw his mother, he stopped playing immediately, got off the bed, and rushed to her. He asked, "Mommy, why are you home so late? Uncle's been back already for ages."

Cherry squatted to hold Joe in her arms, and gently said, "Mommy was gone to visit an old friend today. That's why I'm so late."

"Oh, I see, " said Joe. "So Mommy talked with him about their friendship?"

Cherry then let go of her son, and while she patted his head, she said, "Joe, it's time for bed now. I'll go and take a shower."

"Okay. I'll wait for you. I want to sleep in your arms, " said Joe cutely.

Cherry smiled, and then went into the bathroom.

That night, Jackson couldn't sleep, and he stayed up late in the living room, with the lights turned off. Everything was quiet and still, and the moonlight shined on his face through the window.

It was not until two o'clock in the morning that Jackson went upstairs to his bedroom. When he walked in and saw the wedding photo on the wall, he looked at Cherry's happy smile and couldn't help but call out and sigh, "Honey."

Jackson moved slowly towards the bed and then laid on it. He huddled up in the blanket and eventually closed his eyes and fell asleep.

His phone rang and woke him in the morning.

He opened his eyes and looked at his phone. He saw that Sally was the caller, and wondered, why the heck would she call him at seven o'clock in the morning?

Jackson eventually answered it reluctantly.

"Hello, Sally, " he said blandly.

In a sweet voice, Sally affectedly asked, "Jackson, were you sleeping?"

"What's the matter?" asked Jackson.

"You know about the party tomorrow night, right?" asked Sally suddenly.

"The party tomorrow night?" The question caught Jackson off guard, and he tried to remember what she was talking about.

But Sally couldn't wait for him, and quickly jogged his memory, "It's the biggest business party in town. The Future Project is coming so there will be lots of attendees. It'll be a grand, wonderful party."

Jackson then realized what she was talking about. The business party was held on the same date each year, but he had been too concerned with the other things that had happened recently to remember about it.

Sally finally asked, "Jackson, are you even listening to

of his pondering, and answered,

you go shopping with me

last time?" asked Jackson impatiently. He was

outdated long ago, " said Sally, acting like a spoiled

said, "Okay, I'll come to pick you

" said Sally

Cherry arrived at the office in the morning, her colleague Linda Tang said to her, "Cherry, the manager

whether she had done something wrong. Did the manager want

on her desk and then went

through the door, the manager stood up immediately from his seat, and warmly said, "Cherry, the chairman has been expecting you. You

Cherry could figure out what was going on, she was

she saw

as soon as she saw her, and said, "Miss Cherry, the chairman is waiting for


knocked on the door and then entered.

at her desk, and when she saw Cherry walk in, she merrily stood up and walked up to her. "Cherry, welcome,

Selina, " Cherry also greeted her politely, but was still

She said, "Cherry, I want to ask you for

that it must have something to

said, "You know, there is going to be a business party tomorrow night. I

was only a novice worker in the marketing department. How could she ever be eligible to attend such a big and

person." Cherry then paused, and after she carefully weighed her words, she said, "Your secretaries are more eligible to go there with you than

know why I want you to come with

Selina with a

Selina, as she

couple to meet each other. Jackson would also feel much better, because the pain of missing Cherry for five

wanted to refuse

a really good opportunity, " said Selina. "Just think about it: you'll make many business friends at the party, and you'll not only increases your number of connections, but also will benefit from it a lot in your career. Having good connections is a crucial piece in any saleswoman's marketing department

tried to convince Cherry from a career perspective. She believed that a clever and hardworking woman like Cherry

with Selina about the importance of having connections, thinking that Selina asked her

looked at Selina, and nodded.

to see Cherry's approval, and happily said, "I knew

smiled, but without

still holding Cherry's hand, and said, "Let's go

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