Ice and Fire

Chapter 114 Promoted To Secretary (Part Two)

Wilson was very happy to hear Cherry's words, and cheerfully said, "Okay, that's a deal then!"

The following day, Cherry went to work, and as soon as she arrived at her desk, she got a notice from the HR BP. She was asked to hand over all of her recent work and then go to her new position in the CEO's office area.

Cherry then spent the whole morning dealing with her work and did not finish the handover until it was afternoon. Only after that did she go to the CEO's office.

When Cherry walked to the CEO's office holding her file box, she found that there was only one secretary left there. She felt a little puzzled by what she saw, and wondered how Selina had arranged the personnel.

When Selina saw Cherry coming in, she stood up and gave her a warm and kind reception.

"Hi, Cherry, here you are!" said Selina, while she walked up to her.

"Hello, Se… Ms. Selina." Cherry then suddenly realized that it was not appropriate for her to call out her first name in the company, so she called her Ms. Lu.

But Selina didn't care about that at all. She beckoned to the other secretary there, and said to Cherry, "This is Caroline Wu."

Cherry nodded to greet Caroline Wu.

Caroline Wu was also very polite, and said, "How do you do Cherry? We'll work together from now on, and I hope that we can cooperate with each other as well as we can in the future."

any of your help and advice, " sincerely said Cherry, with a smile on her face.

got on well with each other, and believed that

I'll go out for now, and

Selina, "

Cherry, and said, "Cherry, let me show you

to say that indeed, Selina was very considerate. The former working place, initially intended for four secretaries, had been changed for two, and now each

introduction of her job and the matters that needed attention. She admired Cherry very much, and she also knew that Cherry had already worked abroad and was very experienced. She wanted to improve her working skills, so she

the afternoon, Cherry was very relaxed. She only answered a few calls and checked Selina's

nor Caroline

and said to her,

at all. On the contrary, I've never had so much free time before, "

"This is what a secretary's job looks and

smile, a question suddenly came up in her mind, and she asked,

with this job for a long time anyway. They couldn't stand it anymore when Ms. Lu lost her temper, and they were often complaining about it. At first, Ms. Lu only wanted one secretary to be transferred to another department, but then all three of them

that because she would take over the position, the former secretary might hate her,

here. I'll give you a little tip: you have to learn Ms. Lu's temper well, and make sure that you will never challenge her decisions; you'll see then that everything will be just okay. In fact, Ms. Lu is very

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