Ice and Fire

Chapter 115 The Second Daughter of Shen Family

Selina drove the car, and said, "Cherry, were you afraid to see Andrew there?"

Cherry knew that Selina would ask, and she admitted, "I'm not ready to face Andrew yet."

Selina instantly became serious, because she cared about anything that regarded Cherry and Jackson.

"Cherry, sometimes you just have to face anything that comes in your way. Escaping it will not make it better, and it never does, " said Selina. She didn't know how to convince Cherry to get back together with Jackson, but she wanted to tell Cherry that it was necessary for her to face the relationship seriously.

Cherry looked outside the window and remained quiet. Fear and panic had started to cloud her thoughts, but Selina was right, she had to face reality anyway. She really needed to reorganize her relationship with Jackson, Andrew, and her son.

When she saw that Cherry was in deep thought, Selina stopped talking.

She pulled up to Cherry's house, and waited for her to go home and change her dress. When Cherry returned dressed in the splendid evening dress, she looked gorgeous, and when Selina saw her, her mood lifted considerably.

It took a while until they went to Selina's home to change into her dress, and it was almost time for the party.

The party took place in a sumptuous park in the suburb, and all the upper class citizens in the city had been invited.

When they arrived and got out of the car, a middle-aged man walked over to them.

"Miss Selina, Miss Cherry, welcome!" said the man.

Selina politely smiled at him and gave him the car keys. She then turned back to Cherry, and said, "Let's go in now!"

Cherry nodded and walked alongside her. She asked curiously, "How did that man know that I'm Cherry Shen?"

"I've already called and informed the manager here this morning that you'll represent the JS group at the party. If he did not know your name, he would have probably got fired, " said Selina proudly.

"Oh, really?" Cherry didn't expect that Selina could have the man fired, since it was not the JS Group that held the party.

has a lot of influence here in the city, so

having power meant having everything in

party when Cherry and Selina had first showed

Selina, and many people started to

locked their eyes with Cherry and


Cherry discreetly nudged Selina and asked, "Why are they looking at us like

answered, "Don't be embarrassed. You look gorgeous, and

She had never been to an event where she was the center of attention.

comforted her, "Don't be

gently nodded and continued

men dressed in suits approaching

" said one of the men, a

on such a special day? I'm just a little late, and I apologize about that, " said

to look at Cherry, and soon realized

at her ever since they

if I've met her at last year's party." Asked

her to him. "This is my secretary, Cherry Shen, " she said. "She has

down with a creepy stare in his eyes, and replied, "Miss Cherry, it's so nice to meet

then reached out his hand and wanted to shake hands with Cherry.

gesture, and she knew that she had to be very careful when dealing with so many proprietors

was quickly blocked

a dishonor on you to shake hands with my secretary! I didn't

had no choice but to reluctantly withdraw

came over to greet Selina, also aiming to

kept smiling, while she let Selina handle her admirers.

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