Ice and Fire

Chapter 117 You Are Not Meant To Stand Beside Him (Part Two)

After she heard her, Sally couldn't find her words anymore. She saw that there were so many people around, and because she was afraid of losing face, she hastily said, "Jackson chose this dress for me."

Jackson? When the name Jackson was mentioned, there were more clamours of comments coming from the crowd. Cherry felt a sharp pain striking her heart, but she still put on a cold expression. It was so cold and austere that no one would have ever guessed what she was thinking about.

"Oh, I see!" said Cherry. She then glanced seriously at Jackson, and believed that he was very thoughtful towards Sally. While they had been together, he used to have little time to go shopping with her, but now it seemed that he had time, and mood, to choose a dress for Sally. It seemed that Sally meant much to him.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the crowd, "Sally, even if the dress was bought by Jackson, it doesn't look good at all on you. You're insulting the clothes, because you don't deserve them on you!"

Another voice echoed, "You're right! Only his lawful wife deserves it. All other women are nothing!"

Sally was very irritated and cast sharp glances to the several rich girls that were commenting. There had been a time when they had used to highly regard her, but now they were ridiculing Sally right in front of her.

Eventually, Sally vented all of her hatred towards Cherry.

She suddenly withdrew her hand from Jackson's arm, walked closer to Cherry, and in a furious tone, said, "Cherry Shen, you and me are doomed to be sworn enemies!"

Saying that, she slapped Cherry's face hard, and the slap was so loud that everyone present at the party were astonished.

burning like fire, and because she hadn't expected that from

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after that she immediately slapped Sally's face even harder. Even if Sally was with Jackson, Cherry was Jackson's wife, and her only sister-in-law.

dare to do so. She knew just how powerful Selina's family actually was, and she couldn't risk to offend anyone in the army residential quarters. Although

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of Derek, and still stared at the scheming Sally. She was afraid that she would do

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also there, Cherry hastily lowered her head to cover the red marks

slapped by Sally, because no one else would have ever dared to treat her like

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