Ice and Fire

Chapter 120 Your Son Got Into A Fight

When Jackson came back to the military residential compound, he found his grandpa still awake and watching TV in the living room.

When Andrew saw that his grandson had returned, he hastily said, "Jackson, you're home!"

"Yes, grandpa, " answered Jackson, while coming forward to greet him.

Andrew let his grandson sit beside him on the sofa, and with concern in his voice asked, "How was the party tonight?"

"Boring, just like other parties, " said Jackson, indifferent.

"Alright, " nodded Andrew. Jackson seemed to be upset, and Andrew wondered what had really happened.

He added, "Was everything okay at the party?"

Jackson nodded, and answered, "Yes, everything was alright."

"Then why do you seem upset?" asked Andrew directly, unwilling to conceal any of his concern. He hoped that his beloved grandson would talk with him, and he was willing to help Jackson out of any trouble to snap him out of his sadness.

Jackson thought for a few moments, and decided not to mention Cherry in front of his grandpa. He chose to drop the topic, and said, "It's about the Future Project. Almost everybody at the party was talking about it tonight, and things seems to be getting more intense by each passing day."

Andrew nodded, and thought that Jackson was right. Currently, the Future Project was a big news for the whole city, and it had drawn a lot of attention.

"Can you get it done?" asked Andrew.

Jackson thought seriously before answering him, "I can do it. Selina is now running the JS Company pretty good, and if Selina helps me, I can win the campaign. Please trust me on it."

Andrew nodded to Jackson in approval, and replied, "Of course I trust you, but I'm afraid that something unexpected may happen."

Speaking of the unexpected, Jackson suddenly thought of Wilson. 'He's a real surprise to me. His appearance did make a difference in the business world, and also affected my agenda in a major way. As long as the Future Project remains unaffected, I won't do anything to Wilson. I'll take advantage of the Future Project to defeat him completely, just like what I did to the Shen Group. He must be gone from this city forever, ' thought Jackson.

He thought seriously and quickly, and then said to his grandpa, "Don't worry, I have everything under control for now."

Andrew heard what his grandson said. He nodded, and thought that his grandson had finally grown up and was able to deal with difficult matters all on his own now.

Jackson felt a bit tired, and said to Andrew, "Grandpa, you shouldn't stay up so late. Goodnight."


upstairs, Andrew felt happy and worried

butler then came forward and stood beside Andrew. As he looked at Jackson's disappearing figure, he quietly asked,

Chu Family is behind the JS Company, and that Jackson is its true master, its nominal CEO is, after all, Selina, so, it may be difficult to

that, and added,

for a few moments and shook his head. "No, be patient. I don't think Jackson will fail with the Future Project, as long as Bobby's there at his side

spoke no more about the subject.

and asked, "What

head. He replied, "We did our research, but we couldn't find anything useful. She's been living at the

a while, and said, "She's been here for five years already,

highly likely that she came back just to be back together with Jackson. Besides, a girl as innocent and weak as herself doesn't have the abilities to

pretty naive. She's anything but innocent and weak. All of the people coming from her family are strong and

what his master said and then kept his silence again,

had to shake his hand helplessly. He said, "Never mind, just forget it. I'll think more of it when trouble occurs, but for

helped Andrew stand up.

after he took several steps he turned to look at his butler again. "You can leave

master, " answered the

Caroline had already arrived. Cherry greeted Caroline and sat facing her at her

Selina also

Cherry looked great today.

Selina, good morning, " politely

also greeted her, "Good morning, Ms.

to Caroline, and as she came closer to Cherry, she said, "You look

gave her a big

"I'm going to the airport to pick up an important client. I think you should come with me." She then turned to Caroline, and said, "I'll be attending

replied Caroline.

went to

her office, Cherry carried her bag and followed her out of the company.

Selina sat on the backseat of the car. For some time, they said nothing to each other, and instead just

Selina suddenly turned to Cherry, and asked,

could finish her sentence, Cherry's mobile phone

to ask her something, but she had

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