Ice and Fire

Chapter 121 Mommy Got Angry (Part One)

Cherry arrived at the school in a hurry, and just as she reached the main gate, she saw that Joe was standing at the entrance of the teaching building with another boy beside him.

Cherry greeted the entrance guard and almost instantly arrived at the teaching building.

When she arrived at the entrance, a teacher came out from it.

Walking next to Joe, Cherry anxiously asked, "Joe, what happened? What's this all about?"

After these two questions, Cherry turned her eyes to the boy nearby. It was obvious that his face was bruised. Did her baby boy actually do that?

The teacher walked up to Cherry, and asked, "Are you Joe Shen's mother?"

"Yes, I am, " immediately replied Cherry. "What's going on here?"

However, the teacher looked pretty arrogant, and said, "You didn't see already? Ask your child."

Cherry felt a bit helpless when she saw the teacher's attitude. She then continued to pay attention to Joe, and seriously asked, "Joe, what's the matter with you?"

But Joe didn't look at Cherry at all, and instead turned his eyes away from her.

carrying a handbag with her. Seeing that her son was

into tears and hid into his mother's arms. He started to explain, "It was my classmate, Joe. I just said that he

the boy while screaming, "Who did

frantic, Cherry instantly held

when she saw that Joe was going to hit her son again, but when she raised her head

Shen clan's second daughter. That means that this

looked at Joe. She couldn't help but place her hand over her mouth, amazed by the fact

expression had came a bit unexpected to Cherry, and

and met each other, they could deal with the matter by themselves. After all, they had to have a great deal of money since they afforded to enlist their boys at this kind of noble school. Not a hair on these kids' heads was supposed to be touched, and she wanted to see how they

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made sure that Joe had calmed down in her arms,

each other?" asked Cherry, as she couldn't remember who the woman

got married with Mr. Jackson, my husband and I attended your wedding ceremony, "

standing beside them instantly changed her expression. 'Mr Jackson? The famous Mr. Jackson is Jackson

might have met five years ago, but she couldn't remember

I can't remember you, " said Cherry indifferently.

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