Ice and Fire

Chapter 122 Mommy Got Angry (Part Two)

"I hope that you won't tell anything about my son to anyone else, especially to any people outside the school, including the ones that are around my husband, " said Cherry seriously. She continued, "You're aware of the fact that I left the city five years ago and that I've just returned, and that I still haven't solved the problems that still linger between me and my husband. I don't want anyone to know of my son's existence before we come back to the Chu family. You understand what I mean..."

The woman was a bit surprised by what she heard. She hadn't paid attention to the Chu family for some time, and she didn't know what had actually happened between Cherry and Jackson.

Cherry wasn't satisfied with the woman's reaction, and she continued, "If my son's identity is uncovered before I deal with my problem first, well, your husband, your son and you will have some problems. You already know that I have the power to do many things, let alone the Chu family."

After she heard Cherry's words, that woman immediately understood, and respectfully said, "Miss Cherry, I know, I know, don't worry about it, I won't tell it to anyone else, not even my husband. Don't worry about it."

The woman had heard before that Cherry had ran away five years ago, and that the Chu household had almost rummaged the whole city upside down looking for her. After that, Jackson had almost changed into a completely different person, and everyone was wondering if something had indeed happened between them. Now that Cherry had come back, she had to deal with many things, and she could understand her difficulties. What Cherry wanted to do was to keep her son in the dark before she dealt with them. As a mother, she could understand that, and she had to agree with why Cherry was so anxious to protect her son. Furthermore, she couldn't afford to say anything bad about the Chu clan, because if she spoke any bad words about Jackson, she would regret them the moment she uttered them.

Cherry looked at the boy and knew that he would not understand what she was talking about. But, just in case, Cherry reminded his mother, "You also know what to say to your son, right?"

That woman was pretty smart, and immediately said, "Yes, yes, I know. Miss Cherry, don't worry about it. We're women and I can understand you, rest assured."

When she saw that she understood her, Cherry nodded, and thought, 'It should be fine.'

When she saw that she didn't say a word anymore, the woman suddenly walked closer to her, and said, "Miss Cherry, after you solve your problems and return to the Chu family, I hope that we can meet again and chat at some parties or other public occasions."

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as possible, because she knew that she had to be competent and independent in front of Joe. "And about me and Joe's true identity, what I've told that woman earlier applies to you as well. You know that I won't let you go off so easily if anyone else finds out

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