Ice and Fire

Chapter 125 A Sad Drive

As Selina finished, Derek suddenly realized what had happened.

He quickly said, "Yep! I'll go with her. Jackson. You should take Cherry home."

When she heard that Selina was planning to leave, Cherry said immediately, "I'll call a taxi to go home. Just go ahead with your plan."

Cherry was about to leave when Selina followed her and grabbed her hastily.

"But Cherry, it's not safe to take a taxi since it's so late. We would all be worried if you went home alone. Just let Jackson take you home." Selina said and then turned to Jackson with a commanding face, "Hey! Say something, Jackson."

But Jackson only responded haughtily, "Whatever! I don't care."

With that, he opened the door of his car and got in.

Cherry said to Selina, "I'd better take a taxi, Selina. It's alright. I'll call you once I'm home."

Then she pushed back Selina's hand and turned away to leave.

Selina and Derek both got angry when they saw Cherry leave alone.

Jackson watched her going ahead alone instead of getting into his car. He was so furious that he immediately started the engine and the car shot off!

Jackson slammed on the brakes and stopped the car just in front of Cherry.

Cherry had to stop and stand there, taken aback.

Jackson rolled down the window and yelled at Cherry, "Get in, now."

him but had no intentions to obey. She said, "I won't get in your car. Just go on and mind


wheel angrily. This damned woman! How dare she

Cherry. He grabbed her arm


my buttons, Cherry Shen." Jackson warned her

frightened when she saw his outraged face. He seemed to be in an uncontrollable fit of rage

in!" Jackson commanded as he dragged Cherry to the car and pushed

beside him. She did not utter a word

what to say

of Wilson's mansion. Cherry turned to open the door and get out

turned back to face him, but he did not say anything.


feel comfortable living here?" Jackson asked earnestly, even though he did not look at

tell that he was

to be a lot of happiness in that apartment. But for me, there was also pain. The love in your heart wasn't for me at all. Why did you have to imprison me in


not know how to

haven't deceived me and your behaviour couldn't have deceived any one of us. You abandoned me because of that woman, left me alone in our cold home..." Cherry stopped mid sentence as

finished what he was saying before Cherry broke in

to prevent him from continuing.

of Wilson's family. Besides, I'm satisfied with how my life is right now. So I hope

at her sad little figure and felt a heartache. Why couldn't

my wife." Jackson did not know what

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