Ice and Fire

Chapter 128 How Dare She

Cherry slowly stood up from her seat when she saw Sally walking towards her.

Sally walked up to her in a clearly vicious manner. She looked at Cherry, and with disdain in her voice, said, "When did you become the secretary of the JS Group?"

Cherry ignored her words, and instead just stared at her. Eventually, she asked, "What are you doing here?"

"That's none of your business, " replied Sally, coming closer to her.

Cherry kept her silence, and realized that Sally had come there just to make trouble.

Sally was a bit annoyed by Cherry's silence. She looked at her up and down, and in a defiant manner, said, "I haven't seen you in five years, and yet you've changed so little. You're as attractive as you've always been."

The irony in her words couldn't have been more obvious. Five years had passed, and indeed, Cherry hadn't changed or aged a bit.

Cherry thought to herself, 'I was bullied by her five years ago, but now I won't let it happen again.'

All of sudden, Cherry put on a big smile on her face, and said, "Ms. Sally is also exceedingly beautiful. Otherwise, how could you have been with Jackson for so long?"

Sally was puzzled by Cherry's words, and thought, 'Is she praising me or is she just being jealous?'

Sally's tone then suddenly became harsher. She stared at Cherry, and said, "Cherry, don't forget that Jackson has been my man ever since childhood. Even if you're married with him, he's still mine."

Cherry seemed to be calm, and replied with a big grin on her face, "I've never said that he's mine or yours, and I can't even begin to understand why you would even bother to say such a thing."

Sally was irritated by Cherry's words. She had come there to humiliate her, but instead she was being dissed. What's more, she didn't even know how to fight back.

"Cherry!" cried Sally infuriated.

Cherry was not afraid of her at all, and instead leisurely said, "Ms. Sally, if you've come here to discuss his affair with me, please leave at once. I have to work now, and my boss will soon return, not to mention that it's really impolite for you to be here without an appointment."

"Impolite?" Sally was more and more furious by each passing moment. She thought, 'How dare she speak to me like this?'

It was obvious that Sally was there to make trouble for her.

Cherry felt helpless, and tried to persuade her to leave. "Ms. Sally, please leave here at once. I have work to do now, and I really don't have the time to discuss this kind of things with you right now."

After she said this, Cherry was just about to sit down at her desk and go on with her work, but she was suddenly stopped by Sally.

She grabbed her arm, pulled her aside, and stopped her from sitting down on her chair. She glared at Cherry, and hysterically cried, "What the hell are you doing here? Do you want to get back to Jackson?"

by law. What's your role in his life? You've been with him for

said gloomily, "I knew that you came back to

say a word to her anymore, because she couldn't find any

money do you want? Just say how much, name your sum! As long as you'll

now wanted to pay off the legitimate wife with money to quit her

by her idea, and deliberately said, "I don't want money, I just want to be

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Cherry across her face, and furiously

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glared at Sally, and thought to herself, 'This damn woman has really gone too far! Last time she hit me at the party I didn't take my

that Cherry would hit her. She was totally shocked, and she covered her red

opened again, and Selina and Caroline

surprised when she saw Sally in the office, and quickly realized that something was wrong

Sally was nearby with half of her face covered by her palm. She wondered if they had fought

red. She then looked at Sally, and saw that she was holding her hand on half of her face. She

here?" asked Selina furiously,


Selina harshly, "Are you crazy? How

her last time she had caused trouble for Cherry at

The call was quickly connected, and she said, "Ask the security guard at the main gate to come

was standing next to Selina, also kept silent when she heard that Selina called security. Cherry looked at Selina puzzled, and wondered what she was about to do

then quickly came upstairs and walked up to Selina. Both of

Sally. She turned to the two security guards, and harshly asked them,

at Sally and then lowered their heads. One

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in the company now! Who permitted you to let her in?" said Selina sternly.

obviously pissed off now, and they knew that if they dared to challenge her and look for other

step in the building any longer, " commanded Selina. She then

security guards were pretty frightened, and

because almost everyone in the company knew that Sally had a close relationship with Jackson. They were confused

to step in. I'm the person who has the final say in the company, " commanded Selina, with great authority in her tone.

and both Cherry and Caroline were scared by Selina's sternness too. They had never expected that she would say such a thing in Sally's presence, regardless

and she couldn't believe that she was now forbidden

no right to forbid me from entering the JS

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