Ice and Fire

Chapter 137 I Am The Culprit

Jackson was almost roaring, making both Derek and Selina tremble with fear.

Selina looked at Jackson's eyes, the anger and despair emerged in his eyes made her want to burst into tears. Yes, it was destined that the Chu family would be the inveterate enemy of the An family forever as a result of what had happened long ago. She had heard from her brother that Stephen had come back for Jackson five years ago. Even if Jackson did not take any action against him, he would do that to Jackson one day, and now...

Selina suddenly understood what Jackson had done all alone. The reason why he held vengeance against Stephen was that he didn't want any accident to happen. No one had the ability to predict what would happen next second.

Selina did not say a word, and it was the same with Derek.

Jackson spun around slowly, turned his back on Derek and Selina.

"Derek, Selina, I can accept it if she doesn't understand me. But how can you not understand me as well?" There was no rage in Jackson's voice now, unlike before.

It seemed that Derek wanted to say something. He began to move his lips but eventually didn't say it out loud.

Selina broke into sobs. She came close to Jackson and pulled at his clothes, pleading like a child, "Jackson, I'm so sorry about this."

Jackson continued to look straight ahead and kept silent.

"Jackson, I just don't want to see you two apart. I appreciate Cherry very much and I love her nature too. You don't know how much I wish you to be together happily. I'll be very delighted when that happens. Please listen to me, " said Selina firmly and her eyes showed that she was very serious.

At the same moment, Derek approached Selina and put his arm around her shoulders. Then he turned to Jackson and said, "Yeah, Jackson, our sister-in-law is really nice. You must keep her at you side."

Hearing these words from Derek and Selina, Jackson was a bit touched. He turned slightly around and looked at Derek, then he turned his gaze to Selina, who still had tears?running down?her?cheeks.

Jackson softly said, "Don't worry. She is still my wife."

Derek smiled when he heard what Jackson was saying. And Selina's face relaxed as well.

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amazed at Jackson's decision. They looked at each other and Selina immediately turned to Jackson and said, "If we don't acquire the Anshi Group

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then said to Selina, "We can announce to the public that we do not intend to acquire the Anshi Group as the JS Group has just gained control over the Future Project. We'll

give any response to Derek, and just turned around and left.

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