Ice and Fire

Chapter 138 Do You Know Me Well (Part One)

Cherry looked at Selina in disbelief, and as she shook her head, said, "What…what are you talking about?"

Selina looked back at Cherry, and replied, "Jackson was the one who commanded that the Shen Group disappear from the city. I had to obey his order and supervise the whole process of its destruction."

Cherry still couldn't believe her ears. She stared at Selina with her eyes wide open, and suddenly a tear stole down her cheek.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier about this!" cried Cherry.

When Selina saw that Cherry started to weep inconsolably, she quickly said, "I didn't know that you were…"

But before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Cherry. "Selina, do you even know how much I hate Jackson because of what he did to the Shen Group?"

Selina still couldn't utter a sentence and was again interrupted by Cherry. "I… I…"

"Haha… I'm so stupid! I should have realized that you were on Jackson's side from the very beginning! Even yesterday, immediately after Jackson said that he would buy the Anshi Group, you announced officially that the JS Group was going to make that happen! You were in cahoots with Jackson all along!" said Cherry infuriated.

"But Jackson changed his mind, he's not going to purchase the Anshi Group anymore. Both Stephen and his company are safe now, " quickly said Selina, afraid that she was going to be interrupted again.

Cherry was somehow relieved to hear the news that Stephen and his company were finally okay, but she didn't know how to control her other emotions when she thought of the fact that Selina was the one who had taken action against the Shen Group and her father.

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