Ice and Fire

Chapter 139 Do You Know Me Well (Part Two)

Stephen nodded, and said, "Yes, I'll send people to look for him. Please, don't worry."

"Thank you so much Stephen, " said Cherry with a pleasant smile on her face.

When Stephen saw her beam, he was also delighted and his heart softened. Nothing in the world could have made him happier than having her near him and smiling.

Cherry immediately felt more relaxed. At first it seemed that nothing was bothering her, but all of a sudden she thought of Jackson, and came up with a new question in her mind.

She looked at Stephen, and with seriousness in her voice asked, "Stephen, could I ask you a question?"

"Please go right ahead, " replied Stephen.

"What happened between you and Jackson?" carefully asked Cherry.

Stephen's face became dark and cold in an instant. "Cherry, you already knew it?"

"Yes, " said Cherry, nodding.

When Stephen saw that Cherry was looking at him anxiously, he thought to himself, 'How could I tell her about it? If I tell her, Jackson will never let me go. What's more, I also don't have a plan for what's next to follow. I just have to succeed in keeping the Anshi Group safe; my next move has to be precisely planned.'

know why Sally left that year?" asked Stephen all of

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and continued, "When you have the time,

words Cherry pondered for a while, and then asked, "Did you also have something to do with

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that he had been Emily's boss. He was very nice to her, and had helped her a

was totally puzzled, he thought twice, and finally said, "Cherry, I also come from a military

in disbelief, 'Military family? Jackson is a soldier,

expression and was afraid that she might have guessed something wrong. He quickly added, "I'm not a soldier, but both of my parents

him, she quickly asked, "Then why don't you live in the military residential compound? Don't all army men's families live in

reminded Stephen of something unpleasant, and suddenly he looked gloomy

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reasonable. Any army men's children can apply for it, " argued Cherry. Because she had lived with Jackson for some time, she had learned some of the military regulations.

"Cherry, there are some things which aren't

Stephen had said, maybe she was too naive to find out the underlying fact in

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