Ice and Fire

Chapter 140 You Should Protect Yourself Well

Stephen watched Cherry deeply contemplating something but he could not figure out what it was actually.

"Cherry, " called Stephen softly.

"Yes?" Cherry immediately brought her thoughts back to the present and looked at Stephen.

He thought about what he wanted to say for a moment and then said, "Cherry, you don't need to think too much. You will understand whatever is going on in the days to come."

However, Cherry did not really pay heed to Stephen's words as she was still lost in her own thoughts. "Stephen, do you think it was right for me to marry to Jackson? Hasn't it been a complete mistake?"

Stephen considered her question in his mind and firmly said, "Cherry, if I had known you before Jackson, I would have taken you away from this city and if it were possible, we would never come back!"

There was not only a sense of longing but also sadness in Cherry's eyes. Seeing that, Stephen was ready to abandon the hatred he held for her in his heart. As long as he could have her, he was okay with never ever seeing Jackson again all his life. He would not even avenge him since he would be content with Cherry by his side.

Cherry still dwelled in her imaginary world. Shaking her head, she said, "Stephen, maybe I'm destined to stay entangled with Jackson."

Stephen didn't say anything because he knew that she would not listen to anybody now.

Suddenly, she asked a question Stephan could not have predicted, "Do you think I can trust Selina?"

Fixing his eyes on Cherry, Stephen could not tell what was going on in her mind. After thinking about her question, he said, "I'm not sure. Maybe you can trust her. She doesn't live in the family residence and shows no signs of a soldier, but a foreigner. Honestly, I'm not familiar with her."

Cherry pondered over this in her mind. Based on the time that she spent with Selina, she found her to be a simple child rather than a calculating woman. But her relationship with Jackson was very special. Could she still trust her?

Cherry kept silent, Stephen suddenly recalled something and then said to Cherry, "Cherry, there is a

but now she felt that she did not know him at all! Though Stephen had never hurt her and had even

stared into Cherry's eyes and firmly answered,


Try to think of the past few years. Has John done anything bad to you

right. It was true that John had never hurt her, except for the betrayal which happened five years ago. But she could never forgive him and kept him in

so powerful since Jackson has always suppressed him. After all, he is Lucia's

so I am not unfamiliar with him. He would have preferred to lead a peaceful life but his has been

his short coming. He relies on his mother and the Chu family

back to the Chu family, John might be the only person who will stand by your side and protect you. But I don't know if he can protect you well enough. You know better than anybody else

you mean?" Cherry was a bit confused. Why was John the only person who could protect her? What about

is complex. Everyone has their

she made that assumption only

perspective of Cherry and added, "Maybe Jackson just wanted to protect you

she was worried about right now was not herself but her little son. None of these people knew about him yet. But if they got

Joe, " said Cherry

the mention of Joe. As of now, no person in the entire Chu family, knew about the existence of

I will not allow Joe to be hurt. I don't want

on Cherry's shoulders to calm her down, "Cherry, listen to me, no one knows about Joe's existence. So

foreseeing the future, and said, "Joe is an offspring of the Chu family. If there is anyone who wants to harm Joe, Jackson

all her strength. Sitting there quietly, Cherry only hoped that her son would be okay. Joe was everything to

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