Ice and Fire

Chapter 143 Incomparable Love

"Do you hate me for leaving you?" asked Cherry.

Jackson immediately shook his head, and said, "How could I ever hate you when I love you so much?"

Cherry couldn't help but vent her grievances to Jackson, and said, "Jackson, actually, I lived pretty hard during these past five years."

"So why did you choose to leave that year? You could have talked to me if anything happened, I would have changed myself for you. Furthermore, I could have also dealt with any of the troubles that you had. Why did you have to leave me like that?" Jackson couldn't understand how Cherry had made that choice.

Cherry thought for a while, and said, "Jackson, if one day you'll ever find out that there was a thing that I didn't tell you about, would you blame me for it?"

Jackson petted Cherry's hair and answered, "Silly, how could I blame you for that? As an old saying goes, in a family, a husband is like the heaven, guarding his wife and children with protection. And in ours, I'm your heaven and you're safe with me, I'll take responsibility for you when something goes wrong, and I'll always be at your side to protect you."

Cherry was satisfied with his sweet words, and happily said and nodded, "Okay."

"But, " said Jackson all of a sudden, "You must answer me a question: have you had any other man near you in the past five years that I wasn't with you?"

As she looked at Jackson's serious face, Cherry suddenly smiled. Jackson was as arbitrary as he'd always been.

Cherry pretended to carefully think about his question, and said, "There was one."

"Who? Where is he now?" immediately asked Jackson. 'Is that man tired of living daring to get close to my woman?'

When she saw that Jackson started to get mad, she felt happy, and started to say, "As for him..."

"He's Wilson, right?" asked Jackson.

"You already know that he's my brother, " explained Cherry, wondering what her silly husband was thinking about.

"But the two of you aren't blood relatives, and you live together now? Did you also live with him before you came back?" Jackson continued his inquiries, anxious to know the truth.

"Jackson, I can't believe how imaginative you are!" Cherry then tried to explain everything to Jackson in the same way that she explained things to Joe. "He is still my brother, although there is no kind of blood connection between us. We live in the same home, but you can't say that we live together. Living together is what we do now, okay?"

A grin appeared on Jackson's face. "Really?"

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couple who live together would do?" While he was speaking to

on her, Cherry grabbed it quickly,

didn't listen to Cherry's words for a moment; he just followed his natural desire and did whatever

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atmosphere. She slightly closed her eyes and became the little lovely woman in

to stop in a feeble voice, because she had already lost all of her strength, but Jackson was still unwilling to let her go. She made him so high with her scent that he couldn't allow himself to stop

a?ray of sunlight shone into the room while Jackson

phone rang, and the loud sound woke them up.

is ringing, " impatiently said Cherry

was afraid that she would ran away from him again. He then stretched out his hand

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Jackson's clear face and carefully stared at it. He was perfect, and there was no doubt that his dreamy face

that moment, Jackson also started to open his eyes, and seeing

seen enough already?"

lowered her head in the quilt. She felt very bashful,

appeared on Jackson's lips when he saw Cherry suddenly shy. He petted Cherry's beautiful hair, and said, "I'm your man, and you can look at me whenever you

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at how bright it was outside and casually said, "I think it's

Cherry surprised, "I'm late for

bed she was quickly grabbed back by Jackson. He said, "What work do you have to do now?

about Selina, and said, "But if I don't go to work, my boss will reprimand me for that!" If she had something to do and Caroline couldn't do it by herself, could she get fired?

She has no right to do that to you!" said Jackson, who knew pretty clearly who the boss of the

work now, " said Cherry, intending

her no chance to run away. He could do nothing but pamper her, because she was pretty stubborn.

softly. He then held Cherry with one of

on his phone, Jackson saw that he had a missed call from

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